You will not believe the cabin’s views

The spectacular cabin in Ål is designed by an architect student.

You will not believe the cabin's views

The cabin is designed for an active family of five who would come into contact with the spectacular and sometimes violent nature just next to Reineskarvet in Ål.

In a weathery climate of 1100 meters above sea level, it is placed with the least possible terrain interference, and untreated Norwegian materials are used. And the large windows help to invigorate nature.

– We are so incredibly pleased. We can not put our finger on something we do not like. It has simply become a very nice family project, which we believe will work in all phases of life, tells the cottage owners.

Looking for young architect

It all started quite unconventionally. The family hung up at the Architecture and Design College in Oslo to find a young, interesting and perhaps affordable architect to the cottage plans.

Little did they assume they would get a big talent. Torbjørn Tryti (32) in tactile. no since 2009 has been employed as a PhD fellow at the Faculty of Architecture and Visual Arts at NTNU in Trondheim.

You will not believe the cabin's views

CLOTHING FOR HIGH MOUNT: Osp is a wood type that works best in dry climates. At this cabin it is chosen for several reasons; Outside, it is weather-resistant and has a nice surface when it cries. It also does not flatter and can remind you a little about self-playing games. Also good to sit on and sit on. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen

You will not believe the cabin's views

LOVELY VIEW: The room with the big corner window is the favorite place. The view includes Hardangervidda, Hallingskarvet and Jotunheimen. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen

You will not believe the cabin's views

FIND IN THE FORM: The family is delighted with the result. They got a practical, sheltered cabin where all living rooms and bedrooms have a view of the mountain world. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen

– I have always had a strong draw against the high mountain, so this seemed immediately interesting. I especially liked the location of the site, and I quickly realized that the dialogue with the cabin owners was good, he says.

Thus, “1100 meters above sea level”, Tryti’s first self-catering cottage project, was conceived. An elongated cottage in which all living rooms and bedrooms have a view of the mountain world.

– The shape itself may be my line. Almost no matter how I start, it ends up with something elongated in the end. At the same time, it’s good because it blows pretty much on the plot. The wind is almost always in the same direction. The narrow cabin body helps blow clean snow at the entrance, he explains.

You will not believe the cabin's views

WELCOME: The hallway consists of brick on the floor, oak bunk and self-designed sliding door wardrobe. Simple and functional. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen

You will not believe the cabin's views

BOKHYLLETAPP: In the library at the entrance, the architect has made an original staircase up to the loft. The staircase is made of oak veneers, and has 60 cm wide steps that are 40 cm tall. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen

You will not believe the cabin's views

GOOD FIRST INTERPRETATION: The first thing that meets the one who comes into the cabin is this view, giving an instant feeling of goodness. Inside, the material produces a smooth, light color that does not yellow because osp does not contain resin. The tree also has very good acoustic properties. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen

Durable Qualities

Style is not really interesting for Tryti. A chalet of lasting qualities, which is fired and patinated with dignity, while taking into account tradition and surroundings, is more important. There must be something unique and individually adapted to each project. Tryti has designed several integrated furniture and the kitchen specifically for this cabin. He has also picked out all the lamps and designed the pillows.

You will not believe the cabin's views

HERLIG PEISGROP: The fireplace built into the living room is in black, soft, hard-knitted Randers Brick with colored mortar. It stands in great contrast to the bright suit. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen

You will not believe the cabin's views

PRACTICAL ALLROM: The cabin owners are especially fond of the entire room which offers great flexibility. The lights that are left are called Ball and are from a Danish lamp manufacturer. These are, among other things, bought at Bolia in Norway. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen

You will not believe the cabin's views

SLAPPER AV: The seating benches, pillows and tables have the architect designed himself. The tables are in oak and chair in black MDF plates. Several of the small relief tables can be pushed under the seat bench. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen

The owners acknowledge that the process has done something about them.

– We are now seeing architecture in a new way. Just using windows as pictures! We did not know anything about this before, but we wanted to learn, they say. They pull out the room as the favorite place, because of the great flexibility.

Maintenance-free and environmentally friendly

You will not believe the cabin's views

PRINT: The kitchen is designed specifically for the cabin by the architect. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen

You will not believe the cabin's views

STORY: The cabin owners wanted a room where they could see the stars. They got it in the bedroom. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen

Untreated wood was chosen because it is both maintenance-free, environmentally friendly and fits into place. Osp is a material that can be twisted, therefore the cladding was laid with planks that are narrow, only 60 millimeters wide. With this the cabin will also appear in different gray tones.

Inside, it is planned with simple and natural surfaces to bring in the light and nature as best as possible. This creates clean rooms that increase the feeling of space, “said Torbjørn Tryti.

– What are you most satisfied with?

You will not believe the cabin's views

REQUIREMENT: The black brick is in great contrast to the light coat. Here from the cabin’s sauna. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen

– The family who dreamed of a high mountain cabin are pleased with the result and felt they got what they wanted. It’s about building a cabin that answers the challenges I get as an architect. Perhaps the corner window and fireplace are my personal favorites.

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You will not believe the cabin's views

TIDLØS: The cottage is new and modern, but has a timeless shape. The outlet is designed to make it possible to see Hallingskarvet from the workplace in one bedroom, the only one that is not on the front of the cabin. The windows are in kerneleved, malmfuru, from Solfjeld’s furniture factory. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen

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You will not believe the cabin's views

GRANTS OF GRAY: The foundation wall is framed with roughly rough, horizontal shelf showing the structure of the wood cast in the concrete. It is chosen to provide a level of contrast and interaction with the dressing of the cabin. Ospekledning and gray concrete give a beautiful color palette. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen

You will not believe the cabin's views

PLAN SOLUTION: Architect Torbjørn Tryti in tactile. No says that it is primarily about building a cottage that answers the challenges he receives as an architect. Size: 124 m². Room sharing: Five bedrooms, library, loft, living room with living room open to kitchen, bathroom, sauna. A rule of thumb by the use of an architect is that the price will be 10 percent of the total cost, excluding the landing price. Photo: Architect Torbjørn Tryti in Taktil. no


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