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You should know this about housing construction

All you need to know about housing construction team

You should know this about housing construction

– A housing company develops and manages homes. In Norway there are just over 40 teams, all of which are owned by around one million members.

It tells the department director of the Norwegian housing association, Tore Johannesen.

– Housing housing companies are building homes, primarily blocks and terraced houses, and the housing is organized in housing cooperatives or unions sold to members.

He adds that it is the members who own the business, and it makes the housing construction companies a cooperative.

A home for all

Deputy Director of Housing in the Consumer Council, Thomas Bartholdsen, says that for those on home hunting, you may want to sign up for a residential building.

If the goal is to get a nice place to stay at a reasonable price, with a stable and decent neighborhood, it’s a good idea, he says.

Johannesen explains that housing construction companies primarily offer homes in a concentrated building, such as blocks and terraced houses.

And if you are looking for a house, you may think that you do not need to be a member. Well, you may want to think twice.

– There is a number of residential buildings that have a townhouse. Some also have detached houses, says Bartholdsen.

Johannesen adds that if you are interested in a detached house, it is not certain that it will be a membership.

However, housing construction companies are often behind a wide range of housing types and sizes. Most should be able to find something suitable for them, he points out.

Drop bid round

– For the vast majority, it can be both nervous and stressful to participate in a betting round. But if you are a member of a housing company, you actually do not get this, “Bartholdsen quotes.

Visit the website of the residential building you are a member of, and follow when it is viewing apartments for members.

Bartholdsen explains that the homes are being marketed in two rounds. First internally for members, so you can evaluate the property and notify if you wish to use the pre-emptive right. When you have been notified of pre-emption rights, seniority is assumed, so it’s an advantage to become a member early.

– Instead of participating in the bidding round, you can think well through the matter. When the home is sold through the bidding round, you can enter into the agreement that is entered into, he explains.

You should know this about housing construction

The classic trap is that one uses money while the other invests

However, when you enter into an agreement, you can not change the agreement. You agree to the date of acquisition, and what has been agreed shall be included in the price.

Do you really need a membership?

And although there is only a lot of positivity in being a member of a residential building, someone who does not want the benefits of being a member.

The only disadvantage of being a member must be that you consider it unlikely that you will need to take advantage of member-nationality in connection with the purchase of new or used housing through a residential building company, says Johannesen.

If you also do not find the member benefits offered interesting, there is no need to spend money on an annual membership fee, which, however, costs only a few dog slips, he believes.

– If you have purchased your last residence and are planning to stay there for the rest of your life, I do not see any points in being a member, Bartholdsen adds.

Can not rent over time

– It may be ok to know that in a housing company there are often rules that restrict rental. It is therefore an advantage that you plan to live in the apartment yourself, says Bartholdsen.

He explains that if you buy a condominium, there are often rules on how long you can rent out. However, it is allowed, but you must have a good reason and apply for it.

– Some towns are self-catering apartments, and there are some rental companies. There the apartment, both above and below you, can be rented to, for example, collective, which is necessarily not so popular.

You should know this about housing construction

The keys to your home can be copied without you knowing it

If you live in a housing company, you will find that you have more stable neighbors.

Get housing at a fixed price

– When the team builds new homes, they invite members to sales meetings to offer them housing for a fixed price, before being marketed publicly, “Bartholdsen explains..

You should know this about housing construction

This should be known before buying new vacuum cleaner

If there are not enough members wishing to buy all the homes in a new housing project, the homes are placed in the open market and offered to others.

– Those who wish to buy must, however, sign up for the housing development team in connection with the purchase, Johannesen emphasizes.

When the housing association or the community is completed, the housing construction company is responsible for the management of the housing. After the first five years, housing companies are free to be able to choose another player that manages. Very few, however, do this in practice, he says.

Johannesen informs you that the most important thing you should know before signing up is whether the housing company is behind the construction and management of the housing company that you would like to move into.

And Bartholdsen has a clear call for home buyers:

– If you have not purchased your last home, you should sign up. In addition, seniority can be inherited by, for example, your children.

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