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You should do this today

You can save thousands of dollars on exchanging electricity contracts.

You should do this today

To switch power provider

  • Find the latest bill of electricity or log in to your “current page” at your current power provider to find what agreement you have and what you pay.
  • Find the cheapest deal for you at the price of electricity.com
  • Consider what type of deal you want; spot, purchase price, variable or fixed price.
  • Choose to get billed via e-mail or e-mail, leaving you with high fees.
  • Check for postpay payment. Do not choose suppliers that require prepayment. If the seller goes bankrupt, you lose the amount.
  • Click on the cheapest list in the list that comes up and select “Read more and order.”. “
  • You now have the cheapest deal, so make up calls or get email from the power provider, who would like to get you on an “even better deal”. Say no, as these deals are more expensive for you, but the more profitable for the seller.
  • Do not buy electricity from street or phone sellers
  • It may be costly with power agreements that offer cheaper gasoline, free ski passes, discounts in the electro store or other “goods”, because as a customer, you pay a lot of money for this through increased electricity prices
  • Follow the terms and change regularly.

(Source: Consumer Council)

Switching power supplier is something many should consider, should we believe the Consumer Council. A survey made by them shows that the interest in power and own power consumption is not particularly high, despite the fact that the right power supplier can save you thousands of chips.

– Only one in five have switched power supplier over the past two years, says Hilde Uthaug, General Manager of Power Price.. no, which is a service provided by the Consumer Council.

– We do not think much about power, as long as we have light and heat. It is only if the power is running or it becomes very expensive that we are interested. This means that we often have power agreements that are unnecessarily expensive. In addition, we are not good at keeping up with the consumption. This makes us often surprised when the electricity bill comes, especially when it has been called for a long time.

Easier to switch

Power price. no is a relatively new service where you can compare prices and switch electricity supplier. According to Uthaug, it is possible to save as much as 4000 kroner just by switching supplier if you have a power consumption of 20,000 kwt, which is the approximate average for a Norwegian household.

You can also hint that you want “Origin Guarantee for Renewable Energy Production”. This warranty does not cost the whole world, according to Uthaug.

– The price of renewable power varies in line with the electricity price on the Nordpool power exchange, but will always be 1-2 ounces over. For a yearly consumption of 20. 000 kWh will be the additional cost of environmental responsibility 200-400 kroner.

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Renewable power

You thought maybe we only used renewable power in Norway? 98 percent of the power produced in Norway is renewable, but as soon as it has been converted to electricity it is no longer possible to distinguish whether it was produced by hydroelectric, solar or coal power.

The power we get into the power outlet may therefore come from completely different sources. In Norway, however, it is for most of them from the nearest hydropower plant, but because we export and import electricity across national borders it is impossible to calculate exactly where it comes from.

What we know is that 15 percent of the power we use in Norway is guaranteed renewable according to the EU’s origin guarantee, according to the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE).

Despite this, a survey conducted by Norstat for the power company Agva Kraft shows that 1 in 2 Norwegians believes it is important that the power they use comes from renewable energy sources. The gap between how many people want renewable electricity and how many actually have it is big, says managing director of Agva Kraft, Finn Erik Archander.

– I think many Norwegians would be surprised if they knew that, for example, they get nuclear power in the hair dryer. That hardly anybody gets renewable electricity in Norway is heavily subordinated, he believes.

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Easy to choose renewable

To guarantee you renewable power, you must buy original warranty. 15 percent already have this guarantee, but of the remaining consumption in Norway, only 9 percent of the electricity we buy is renewable. The rest comes from coal and nuclear power.

– The EU has put in place a power purchase labeling guaranteeing that somewhere across national borders, the same amount of renewable power is being produced as you use, explains section head of the retail market in NVE, Heidi Kvalvåg.

This means that the original warranty does not initially guarantee that there is renewable power that comes out of your electrical outlet, but that it produces as much renewable power as power you use, somewhere in Europe.

– The idea is that when more demand origin guarantees when buying power, it will affect manufacturers to produce more renewable power, “explains Kvalvåg..

Origin Guarantees

Origin Guarantees are a label for electricity to show the customer that a quantity of power is produced from a specified source of energy, such as renewable energy.

The scheme was introduced with the EU’s first renewal directive (2001/77 / EC) in 2001 to provide consumers with a choice of renewable and non-renewable power. Power producers that sell guarantees of origin also receive an extra income from their renewable power generation.

Power suppliers are buying power guarantees. Power suppliers can then guarantee to the customer that the power the customer pays for is renewable and that it produces as much renewable power as the amount of power the customer uses.

(Source: Nv. no)

That few have purchased this warranty, she believes it may not be known to anyone. Moreover, it is controversial, as the power produced in Norway is already renewable, and it is unclear to what extent the scheme helps stimulate new renewable production today.

– If everyone in Europe had demanded power with origin guarantee, it could have been an effective incentive for renewable production, she points out.

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