You must know this before building or cleaning the bathroom yourself

Do you want to clean up or build the bathroom yourself? Bathroom refurbishment is a demanding process and it’s not all you are allowed to do yourself.

You must know this before building or cleaning the bathroom yourself

If you want to clean up an existing bathroom or wet room, these work is no longer required and you can do it yourself, apart from technical installations.

Nevertheless, you should not start before you are absolutely sure what you are up to, because you are responsible for the work being performed in accordance with applicable rules. And you may risk shortening in the insurance payment in case of damage if it appears that the work you have done is not performed properly.

Clean the bathroom yourself

Olav Råken in Bademiljø warns against being self-confident, and stresses that it should be remembered today are strict building requirements one has to deal with. Are you not hundred percent confident what you do, he believes you should leave it to someone else.

– As a regular homeowner it is very rare to have in-depth knowledge of different situations. What is the requirement for floor coverings, for example, according to TEK 10? What is defined as a wet zone? When can you just start and pause and when is a job compulsory? When does the requirement for lifestyles stand in refurbishment? “, Explains Roger.

There are many questions that need to be clarified before you get started on such a project and that suggests why many choose to put away this type of job.

Rive old bath yourself

If you plan to do a lot of the job yourself, it’s important that your work is done in the right order.

– Bath and wet room is the room in the house where there are the most professional groups in one place, and in this room the different professions must take care of each other. If you do not do things in the right order here, you’re quick to drive, says Råken.

For example, some of the demolition jobs can take for yourself, saving you between 5,000 and 10,000 kroner depending on what kind of bath and what demolition work it is about.

As a rule, the floor is spiked and this part of the work is not so easy to do without the proper tools and knowledge, explains Råken.

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Can do a lot on your own

Before tearing, talk to the craftsmen who will help you in the project. For example, you risk tearing too much so you need to spit some extra dollars to rebuild it.

– There are of course many that are useful and, for example, can put tiles themselves, list around a door and a window and install a shower wall. This is basically free to do. Paintwork is also quite natural that you can do it yourself in many cases. And of course it’s profitable if you take care of all the cleaning, waste disposal and so on, “says Råken.

Be critical

At the Science Council for Wet Space (FFV), they have mixed experiences with self-employed people.

The knowledge, or lack of knowledge, causes the self-employed in many cases to lack the necessary ability to discuss solutions or products. The Internet is open to all, and many blogs or other information sources on the Internet do not necessarily convey a good deal, “says Cato Ove Karlsen, General Manager of FFV..

Your advice is that you, in consultation with a professional, assess what you are going to and can do in the bathroom and what you need help with.

– Find an enterprise that has the expertise you need, hear if they can assist in planning and contracting your own initiative with the company, “says Karlsen..

What does the insurance company cover?

Karlsen says that the risk of self-interest is something that should be considered – especially with regard to which responsibility You get by taking your job yourself.

– Here, insurance matters are particularly important, as well as the responsibility given by legislation, he says.

It is true that if an injury occurs, the insurance company will assess if you act negligently. If you do, you may not be able to get further assistance from them.

In If Insurance Terms, for example, the following is stated:

“The work shall be performed in accordance with approved drawings, material descriptions and with responsible persons who meet the requirements for competence set out in the approval. Repair and new installation of electrical and plumbing plants must always be carried out by a certified / certified craftsman. “

If you get an injury and you are not the job, you will still get help from the insurance company as long as it is not your fault that causes the damage..

If there is an injury and it is not done by a certified craftsman, we will still check in and check if there is a correlation between work and accident. There must be a causal connection there, “says Jon Berge, Information Officer in If Insurance.

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You can not do this yourself

According to Karlsen, the self-employed person is confined to everything that has to do with the technical facility. This is specified in Section 29-6 of the Planning and Building Act, which states that all necessary maintenance and repair of technical installations and facilities must be carried out by qualified personnel.

– In practice, this means that own effort on pipes, electricity, ventilation and the like is excluded, explains Karlsen.

– Another section that may be of interest in this context is Section 29 of the Planning and Building Act. 7, “Requirements for Products for Construction”. The paragraph stipulates that all products that are to be included in a building must have proper properties, he adds.

According to Karlsen, FFV finds that there are products on the market that do not meet the requirements in Norway and that in many cases the CE marking is insufficient. The CE marking only states that the manufacturer of the product is good enough for safety, health and environmental requirements to be fulfilled, but one must consider the overall quality of the buyer.


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