You have not seen these stairs

Did you think the staircase was designed to take you from one floor to another?

You have not seen these stairs

Everyone living in a house must have a stairway to get from the first floor to the second and third if you are lucky enough to have another floor on your house.

But if you think that a staircase is a staircase and that it’s not so careful just getting up and down, you should definitely read on.

Some build book shelves under the stairs, others in the middle of. Others let the staircase be both the kitchen sink and the bathtub. And in extra compact homes, the staircase can even function as a full-length wardrobe. There are almost no frills for what creative architects and great builders can do with something so, basically boring and functional, like a staircase.

Office or Artwork

Some think extremely practical when it comes to the stairs, and according to the interior design site Freshome, with some creativity and handy skills, it is possible to create both home office and playhouse – and more – of the cavity on the underside of the stairs.

You have not seen these stairs

STORAGE: Why not use the area under the stairs for extra storage? Photo: Freshome

You have not seen these stairs

USE EVERY MILIMETER: Do you live tight, you may have to see eater alternative ways of storing things. Photo: Freshhome

– Many people do not think they have this potential just left unused in the house, explains interior consultant Cecilie Sletbak at C Inn on Ski to Click Property.

You have not seen these stairs

Hereafter it will be a little fun to take a staircase

– But many stairs have the perfect construction to take advantage of the area on the underside of what you would like extra space, whether it’s a home office or just extra drawers for storing your family’s hats and mittens.

For others, the staircase becomes a way to play with architecture and design. It should be a gauntlet, in many ways like a piece of jewelry or artwork in the home.

The American design and architecture site Design-Milk recently took a few distinctive stairs:

“Floating” staircase

You have not seen these stairs

NAUTIC: The arctic diseases behind this staircase were inspired by sea and boating. Photo: Hertha Hurnaus

You have not seen these stairs

ORGANIC: This staircase is built to spread the light between the floors of the house. Photo: Daici Ano / Designboom

In the eco-house Blue House, located on one of Amsterdam’s artificial islands, the architects of Faro Architecten have created a staircase that has not only become the eye of the house, but also gives a nod to the nautical neighborhood of the house..

Stair rules

Stairs must have a secure boundary and have a handlist on both sides

The inserts must have a non-slip surface

Railings should be designed to prevent climbing

Openings in the railing, up to a height of 0.75 m be maximum 0.10 m

Read Construction Technology Regulations (TEK 10) here. The stair rules are found under sections 12-16 and 12-17.

– The stair seems to flow in the air, without any visible form of size, describes the design website Design-milk about the project.

– Steel cables are located on each side to make the stairs safer.

Organic Design

In the Japanese House S, designed by the architects of Keiji Ashizawa, the staircase has been used to create a visual eye-catcher in the house. But there were also other considerations that would be taken.

– The whole house has an organic design and the staircase is designed in a way that shines the light through the dwelling, explains architect Rie Honjo at Keiji Ashizawa to Klik Bolig.

– The house is in the middle of Tokyo, but still has a connection with nature. This became the background for the organic design of the stairs.

Minimalistic and Modern

This staircase in the Flat 1 apartment has been signed by the architects at Ecole and has attracted a lot of attention both at home and abroad for its unique and very modern design.

You have not seen these stairs

ART: This staircase looks like triangles floating in the air. Photo: Plastolux

You have not seen these stairs

FLYTER: You may need to be a little careful about running down when you’re out late in the morning. Photo: X. Lucas / Ecole

– This staircase is a wonderful example of minimalism, explains the Website Design-milk.

You have not seen these stairs

Here’s the staircase for both the kitchen sink and the bathtub

Geometric Stair

The architects at Bell Phillips Architects are behind the stairs in The Grove Park project. According to the architects, this staircase itself has become an example of complex geometry, where folded triangles look as if they flow – completely free from each other – up the wall.

The childish staircase

Everyone who has children knows that most of them love colors and if they had chosen themselves, probably all stairs would look like this one. Here, the architects from Ab Rogers Design have created a staircase that not only fits perfectly with the rest of the interior of the house Rainbow House, but that has to be said to make everyone who walks in it in a good mood.

Tiles staircase

You have not seen these stairs

NOT CHEAP: These stairs are far from ordinary. Photo: 14 Ora Italiana

You have not seen these stairs

REGNBUETAPP: Neida, the staircase does not have to be white. Photo: Ab Rogers Design / Design-milk

Who says the staircase must be in real wood? This unique staircase in Italy is covered in porcelain tiles that look like wood inspired by the work of the artist Andy Warhol.

You have not seen these stairs

Hide the kitchen under the stairs

The tiles come in 14 different phages.

The shy staircase

Small rooms and homes can often work both darker and narrower if you have to make room for a staircase in the interior. The architectural studio Studioata made sure that this modern and compact home was not the case behind the renovation of.

Here the staircase extends almost imperceptibly from the first floor to the next, and the light shines beautifully between the steps.

Functional and Flexible

You have not seen these stairs

USING: This staircase floats almost invisibly on the wall. Photo: Freshome

You have not seen these stairs

SAVE PLACE: This staircase does not take up much space, but gets you up to 2. story. Photo: Christopher Duff

If you have small space, you often have to think outside the box, as was the case for this staircase – and the home it is located in – Brooklyn, New York City.

– This staircase, leading up to the sleeping oven in the apartment, was designed to be a blend of function, form and flexibility, explains architect Richard Goodstein at nC2 architecture to Click Housing.

– The stairs are safe, comfortable to walk in and space saving.

Curves in the Right Space

Architectural office Arquitectura en Movimiento’s studio in Mumbai, India has a unique staircase as the centerpiece of the interior.

The staircase is made of solid wood and is nothing short of spectacular in its design, and is like a work of art in the interior to rain.

The staircase is visible from just about all public areas of the apartment, which is emphasized by the daylight that falls in and illuminates just the staircase in the middle.

The steps are twisted upwards and are designed in such a way that the lower steps can also be used as resting places and seating.

Stairway with slide

In London, architect Michaelis Boyd is behind the unique staircase in a private home that also has built-in slide and thus playground for the house children.

– The clients wanted a playful and child-friendly home, explains Boyd to Klik Bolig.

– They wanted the interior to reflect that they actually had children.

And there is probably no doubt when visiting this beautiful house.

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You have not seen these stairs

LEK: This staircase is as much play as it’s a staircase. Photo: Richard Lewisohn / Michaelis Boyd

You have not seen these stairs

MUMBAI: This beautiful staircase in solid wood gives warmth to the otherwise cold interior of this house, and is a bit of a snare. Photo: Arquitectura and Movimiento


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