You have not seen a sauna before

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You have not seen a sauna before

A sauna is often not the big building, and some choose to let the form expression describe this modesty. Others take architectural grips that give the sauna monumental qualities.

A group of architectural students at the Oslo Architecture and Design College (AHO) chose the last one when they were commissioned to create a sauna attached to the Arts and Culture Center at Kleivan in Lofoten.

The Scarcity and Creativity Studio (SCS) at AHO wants to give students the opportunity to draw and build real-world projects in the public space.

The Bands, called the sauna, are built in conjunction with an old abandoned fishing village to be converted into a cultural center.

You have not seen a sauna before

PROTECTIVE: It may not seem like this right away, but these buildings are important testimonies from an era that characterized Lofoten in the early 1900s. Photo: SCS

You have not seen a sauna before

STORAGE: There was a great fishing activity in the early 1900s. The students at AHO were commissioned to suggest how the site could be rebuilt into a cultural center, as well as designing and building the sauna. Photo: SCS

You have not seen a sauna before

MONUMENT: Closest to a work of art, the sauna thrives on the dung farm. Photo: SCS

Sauna on a stone bridge

Over the years, the old fishing village had decayed. The rust had taken hold of the metal, while the rudder looked desperate in the wood. It was time for effort. The buildings should be given a new life, and a sauna should be built at the edge of the bridge.

– There are three other buildings on the plot; a jetty, a tranpera and a rorbu. These are now set up and get new features. The plan is that the site will become a cultural center for film production. Badstua and the outdoor area will, when the entire project is finished, be used by filmmakers who work here, but also by the local community, explains Solveig Sandness. She is a senior lecturer at AHO, and was one of the supervisors of the 23 students who worked on the project.

You have not seen a sauna before

BATHROOM ROOM: The sauna itself contains a changing room and this sauna room, which has large windows facing the sea. Photo: SCS

You have not seen a sauna before

EASY: The entire sauna is characterized by a simple alignment, both exterior and inside. Photo: SCS

More than just a sauna

The sauna has become so much more than just a place to sit on a towel and tame for sweat. The building has got many additional features. The three bands that float beyond the concrete kayak and the rocky gorges consist of stairs, seats, benches, bow legs and a terrace. In addition, the sauna also includes a changing room.

You have not seen a sauna before

– Sauna is as important as kitchen or bedroom

Another advantage of the bands was that they created a nice light in the sauna in the areas where the bands separated layers and that they gave huge openings to the sea, the sky and the mountains, says Sandness.

You have not seen a sauna before

MORE FEATURES: This is not only a sauna but also a living space outdoors. The center belt is built in several levels, so that there are sitting benches and tables. Photo: SCS

You have not seen a sauna before

SPEIL THE LANDSCAPE: The sauna reflects, to some extent, the surrounding landscape. The center belt is lifted up and catches the mountain tops behind. Photo: SCS

Multi-level construction

There is a distinctive landscape in which the sauna stands, with rock formations such as tearing holes in the clouds, and swabs that escape into the sea. It required an architecture that took a stand and was not indifferent to the context in which it should stand.

You have not seen a sauna before

Going home from the 70’s a real face lift

The sauna consists of two smaller buildings and three bands floating beyond three levels. Everything is designed in wood.

The ties were a clear and clear way of connecting the different levels in a comprehensive way, “says Sandness, adding that some of the students commented that the sauna building itself resembles the mountains behind the sauna.

You have not seen a sauna before

SPEILING: While the building body captures the surrounding landscape, the surroundings are also reflected in the large windows. Photo: SCS

Historical value sauna

The original buildings date back to the early 1900s, and they have a historical value because they are testimonies from a time-scale that characterized the area. The buildings are therefore also located in the cultural heritage plan for Lofoten. This means that the buildings can be refurbished, but the exterior can not be changed.

You have not seen a sauna before

The 70’s hut was full of pine

The Student Group’s mission was to establish plans for how the site should be rebuilt, as well as to design and build the sauna. The objective is that the center should provide reference to similar measures in the region.

You have not seen a sauna before

LEVELS: The picture shows how the sauna is both a traditional sauna and a place of residence with seating and slabs. Photo: SCS

You have not seen a sauna before

BUILDING: The Scarcity and Creativity Studio (SCS) is a project group at AHO that allows students to draw and build real projects. Here are some of the students and their supervisors who designed and built the sauna. Photo: SCS

23 suggestions came to one

SCS consisted of 23 students, each of whom submitted a proposal. These were evaluated and then reduced to seven proposals, which were evaluated in groups of three to four students. And so, one continued to reduce the number of proposals and increase the number of students in each group until a proposal was submitted, which included the preparation of drawings, cost estimates, purchase lists, design calculations and building plans.

You have not seen a sauna before

The architect took a fancy grip when she bought the little 70’s hut

– By working this way, all students get ownership of the project we eventually build. It all becomes a big, joint group effort, deepens Sandness.

You have not seen a sauna before

DRAWING: Model of the sauna. Photo: SCS

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