You have never seen this building

The architect – and now the mountain senator – Todd Saunders has drawn studio cabins that are in the ocean gaps in Canada.

You have never seen this building

See the photos: Dull suburban villa became a dream home

You have never seen this building

Smarter refurbishment should be looked after

You have never seen this building

Knausen became part of the cabin

You have never seen this building

Sensational Villa in Enebakk

– This is an artist’s studio that is rented out, but they know almost as well privately owned houses, “says the architect-architect Todd Saunders..

One thing is that the small buildings have sleeping and cooking facilities, but equally important is that they are in an incredibly inspiring nature on Fogo Island just north of Newfoundland, says the local architect who has designed a number of special projects as well here in Norway.

Among other things, an extremely clean villa at Bergen and an extension that houses incredible features on a small area. A wooden structure, a viewpoint under the direction of Norske Turistveger that floats 640 meters above the Aurlandsfjord, he is also involved in.

High-rise wood

And it’s not just the extensive use of wood in the Fogo Island cabins that reminds us of Norwegian and Nordic construction. The super simple, long lines are also in line with our modern Scandinavian architecture.

You have never seen this building

Something for those bears: In this area, Joe Batts Arm on Fogo Island, you can experience the raw material of nature close up. Here you have the Atlantic Ocean constantly close. Photo: Bent Renè Synnevåg

You have never seen this building

WIND ON THE WORLD: The big window at the end of the building is like a big, bright eye in the landscape. Photo: Bent Renè Synnevåg

You have never seen this building

MAGIC: This is the place for loneliness and reflection. The building floats almost weightlessly over the hill. Photo: Bent Renè Synnevåg

You have never seen this building

SAMPLE: The indoor and outdoor spaces slide into each other. The outside work room is made as a box and is partially overheated. Photo: Bent Renè Synnevåg

Luxury life on Fogo Island?

You have never seen this building

KRITTHVIT VERDEN: The interior is designed to take the least of the attention of nature right outside. Photo: Bent Renè Synnevåg

– In addition to the art galleries being adapted for accommodation, we are building up some traditional fishing houses for residences for the visitors. Otherwise, a luxury design hotel with 29 rooms in the same, state-of-the-art design as the cabins. Part of this is written in collaboration with the creative Finnish architect Sami Rintal.

These initiatives are important starting shots to revitalize this small community, located 20 km northeast of Newfoundland, says Saunders to

The fish is threatened

This is very long-awaited, because this is an edge, even to the sparsely populated Newfoundland area, to be – and the island of three thousand inhabitants has for a long time been threatened with a shortage of fisheries, especially cod which in turn leads to deforestation he says.

Terrain and weather conditions

The buildings lie in what the architect calls a windswept, rugged terrain, and this harsh fact meant a lot of how he designed and placed these small, simple houses.

Guilders provide dynamics

Many of the distinguished style elements brought the architect from the old fishing houses along the coastline of Fogo Island.

The dimensions, at least on the smallest buildings, are the same as those of the old ones.

A solid window facing the Atlantic Ocean as well as a terrace shaped like a box that protects wind and weather, are also regulars of the building industry in this area.

Desert and Organic

You have never seen this building

HEMMELSK: From The Living Room in The Long Studio you have first-rate views of the ocean and the sky. The interior is chic white and totally scratched in the performance, and artists can only write and nail. Because it is refurbished and painted before every new artist moves in. Photo: Bent Renè Synnevåg

You have never seen this building

LONG STRACT: The first studio of the series, The Long Studio of 120 sqm glitters against the Arctic evening sky. Photo: Bent Renè Synnevåg

The small houses are also carefully scattered across the coastline and so none of them have a fixed road connection or access to public water and heat. To get to some studios you will go ten minutes on a path from the carriageway.

You have never seen this building

– All six studios are located right on the ocean and the idea is that they will be used from early spring to late autumn, says architect Todd Saunders who himself has grown up in Newfoundland. A luxury hotel with 29 rooms is also on the beddingen. Photo: saunders. no

Otherwise, life on Fogo Island bases itself on solar panels and small wood-burning stoves for heating. And the rainwater from the roof is gathered in its own water tanks. These serve both showers and mini kitchens.

Spinning Dass

A so-called composite toilet has been installed and all rinse water is cleaned inside the buildings. This means that one way to go is independent of modern technology.

Being self-reliant has been a matter of course for the proud people who have lived on these harsh islands in immemorial times.

Long Studio is in place.

You have never seen this building

HIGH RIGHT: Tower Studio of 20 sqm is another of the sensational buildings on the beddingen. It has a form like Japanese paper art, origami. Photo: saunders. no

You have never seen this building

AMFIBIEHUS: The architect’s illustration shows how the Studio “Bridge” stands in the water, like many of the old fishing houses on Fogo Island. Photo: saunders. no

You have never seen this building

Do you see sync? The illustration shows how planned white “Squish Studio” lights magically in the darkness, almost like a lamp. Photo:

You have never seen this building

NATURE AND SEA: The planned “Short Studio” is also close to the water and coastline. Photo: saunders. no

Only in the queue of the many planned small buildings is “The Long Studio”. It was built in 2010, consists of three rooms and looks like a long-haired, night-black camp stone that screams on thin bones.

The building body is minimalist, and with solid windows at both ends, residents can look out on the roaring sea from two sides. Inside the panel is painted white and white.

Both warehouse, kitchen and toilet are hidden away as well as possible. Here nothing shall interfere with the visual contact with nature. Here it should be a good time to create something.

More amphibian houses

Several of the other studios are on thin bones, columns such as “The Long Studio”.

– This is contemporary architecture with a historical starting point. Most of the traditional settlement on Fogo Island is amphibious. That means half of the house is in the sea, the rest on land. This is a house where you experience walking from the dry mountain and straight into the water, Saunders says.

Something for the brave?

– With this, artists and other interested artists can get a little taste of loneliness and adventure waiting so high north and east of the United States and Canada. For the first time this is possible within such a modern and courageous architectural framework, the architect believes.

Fogo Review for the Future

The Fogo Island project has been presented with respected journals such as Italian Domus, English Wallpaper and The New York Times.

You have never seen this building

IMPORTANT DEDUCTIONS: Fogo Iland is only a few hundred kilometers from where Anne Stine and Helge Ingstad found track and evidence that the Vikings were the first Europeans who discovered America. Photo: saunders. no

You have never seen this building

FREE SWEET: “The Long Studio” floats in loose air. Here you can see how the house is built with many untraditional openings to nature. Photo: saunders. no

You have never seen this building

CUBISTIC: “Lightwood” is also an early proposal for one of the planned single-family houses. Photo: saunders. no

The hopes of Todd Saunders and the other initiators, Fogo Island Arts Corporation – Shorefast Arts Foundation and Fire, The Zita Cobb IT Foundation, is that attention will help make Fogo Island an international tourist destination.

Cutting-edge and clean-cut

– This is rock-solid, clean-cut architecture that stands out for the stormy surroundings of Newfoundland, “says VG architectural critic Lars Elton about the project.

– It is also interesting to note that the small wooden buildings on Fogo Island have some stylistic likeness features with Snøhettas fishing museum at Karmøy.

Price crossing over Saunders

Recently, Todd Saunders was awarded Arnstein Arneberg’s architectural award for the 30 m-meter high Solbergtorn resting place at Sarpsborg. And The Long Studio we show here is now honored by the Azur Architecture magazine as the year’s best commercial design project.

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You have never seen this building

UNIQUE FORM: The Long Studio of 120 sqm is elongated and stands on its own legs. This is currently the only artist studio built. Photo: DRAWING: Todd Saunders

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