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You do not have one in the bedroom?

Some bulbs can be dangerous if you use them in the children’s bedroom, think fire investigator.

You do not have one in the bedroom?

The traditional incandescent bulb was taken out of the market in September and is history. When you’re done, you have to choose between halogen, light bulbs and led lights.

Many may not know much about the difference between these. In summary, one can say that they provide different types of light, have varying lifetime, price, and energy efficiency. Beyond that, there is one important thing to note: Do not use halogen bulbs in the children’s room because it can be a fire trap.

Warns against halogen

Fire investigator Lars Petter Johansen from Norway Security Norway has helped to ward off more creepy fire extensions. Last year he was with a family in Hedmark who had a halogen lamp hanging in the bedroom of the girl in the house. The girl enjoyed sleeping with the light, but during the night the lamp was loosened from the wall.

– The mother in the house woke up by her daughter coughing. When she entered her bedroom, it was quite smokey there. The halogen lamp had fallen on the mattress in the crib and it was just before it got caught. Only coincidences meant that the girls’ lives were not lost, says Johansen.

The smoke that kills

He points out that it is not the flames that are most dangerous by fire, but the smoke.

– You rarely wake up with smoke – rather, on the contrary. Smoke generated by fire is very toxic and has a sleepy effect. Some types of smoke from fire can be so harmful that it only requires a few breaths before it is deadly. Most people who die in a fire are dying of smoke – not the fire itself, says Johansen.

Very high surface temperature

You do not have one in the bedroom?

Led bulbs develop very little heat and do not contain mercury that can be scary in a child’s room by crushing. They are therefore recommended in the children’s room. Photo: AlexMax

The scum with the halogen bulb is that the surface temperature of such bulbs becomes very high.

You do not have one in the bedroom?

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– I have measured a 50 watt halogen bulb for approx. 300 degrees celsius. With flammable materials to close a halogen light source with that temperature, it’s only time for it to burn. In addition, it is obviously very unfortunate if a child by chance or because of curiosity touches such a bulb, “Johansen says..

Product and Test Manager Jogrim Aabakken at the Consumer Council agrees.

– Halogen bulbs develop a lot of heat, which at worst can pose a risk of burns, ulcers and flames.

He emphasizes that this applies to all the different halogen types, including pin-halogen, GU5, GU10 and MR11.

You do not have one in the bedroom?

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Recommend Fixed Lights

In general, avoid using loose lamps that can be torn down or sneaked into the children’s room.

– In a child’s room should all lights be fixed at a good distance from bedding and curtains. It may often be a bit wild and a lighted lamp that is lying in a pile of light with a light can quickly start a fire. Children are also tempted to take me to bed, says Senior Counselor Tor Chr. Mortensen in Nelfo.

Use LED bulbs in the children’s room

You do not have one in the bedroom?

This is fatal

The clear recommendation of fire investigator Johansen is to replace the flammable halogen bulbs with led light, possibly energy saving bulbs.

– Children are unpredictable and one can never be safe enough. I would recommend using led pears in the children’s room. These cost a little more than regular bulbs, but you get significantly lower temperatures and also longer life, “Johansen says..

Aabakken points out another advantage of joints, and it is that they do not contain mercury such as, for example, light bulbs do.

– Light bulbs develop very little heat and do not contain mercury that can be scary in a child’s room by crushing, says Aabakken.

Pay attention to Playstation, Chargers and Sockets

And when you first focus on electrical safety in children’s rooms, it is also important to keep in mind chargers, playstation and laptop in bed / sofa, Johansen believes.

– Electrical equipment like this should be placed in places where there is good access to air and where it can be kept cool. It is also with this as with halogen bulbs, many examples of stories where it has started to burn, says Johansen.

In the childrens room, you should also ensure the holes in older electrical outlets.

– Modern electrical outlets have built-in protection against plugging other than plugging into electrical outlets. There must also be no loose heaters in children’s rooms, “says Mortensen.

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