You do not guess what this house is made of

The architect could not afford to build the second floor. It changed everything.

You do not guess what this house is made of

It’s easy to get rid of when building houses. We would just like to have some extra space here, and maybe a little extra storage there.

And what about just kidding an extra room when you first get started? Or even a floor to.

The dreams are usually stopped only by the wallet or building regulations.

But what do you do if the money does not stretch to realize the dream house? Are you giving up? Or do you turn a little on the dream and realize that there are many ways to reach goals?

For architect and part-time patron Patrick Bradley in Northern Ireland, a fast-paced construction budget was what was supposed to force him to think again, according to the design and architecture site Dezeen.

Drawing your own house

Bradley, who, in addition to being a farmer, is also an architect of Patrick Bradley Architects, had dreams. It should be in the middle of the farm, close to the town of Maghera in Northern Ireland.

– According to local building permits, it is legal for farmers to build fairly freely on their own land and land, “Bradley explains to Klik Bolig.

– So I designed a house I wanted to build for a long time, which should be adapted to the place and the nature around where the house should be.

You do not guess what this house is made of

APPOINTMENT: Getting a second floor on the house was a must – even if it was not quite as planned. PHOTO: Aidan Monaghan

Bradley explains that the house he originally signed was pretty standard in terms of both materials and finishing.

– I had a dream about a two-story house, where the second floor should be a living room, explains the architect.

– From here we have a great view. The problem was that I quickly realized my budget was not going to stretch.

Was out of money

After the construction had begun, Bradley realized that there was simply not enough money left to build the second floor of the house, which according to the architect himself should be the core of the house: The part where he lived and stayed and where he could enjoy the view beyond “his own kingdom”.

– It was quite desperate, explains the architect.

– But there was only one thing to do: Think about how I could handle this in another way.

You do not guess what this house is made of

ENVIRONMENTAL PLEASE: Using containers as residential is a very environmentally friendly way of living, promises this architect. PHOTO: Aidan Monaghan

Bradley explains to the architecture site Dezeen that he was not willing to change the idea he had for the house, how it should be and how it would be to live in.

– The aesthetics should be the same, but I had to find alternative and more cost-effective ways to reach this goal, explains the architect.

– And that’s the way I came across the idea of ​​using shipping containers.

As said so done. Just weeks later, Bradley was on his way to neighboring Bangor, where he bought more shipping containers as he would try to make habitable.

From container to home

Bradley, who admits to be inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s iconic Falling Water House in Pennsylvania, was concerned that his new home would not look like a house made of containers.

– Nor would it look like a typical farm building, explains the architect.

– A sculpture in the landscape, maybe I thought about the house. And then the house should as far as possible slide unnoticed into the surroundings. The idea was good architecture in a rural setting – which should also be wonderful to live in.

You do not guess what this house is made of

UNIK: Check this house made by old shipping containers. PHOTO: Aidan Monaghan

You do not guess what this house is made of

SKULPTUR: The architect wanted the house to stand out and be like a sculpture in the landscape. PHOTO: Aidan Monaghan

Bradley explains that he used local dealers and manufacturers for the most part to do with the house.

– It was a point for me to support smaller businesses in the area, explains the architect.

– In addition, I wanted the house to represent just this beautiful area where it is located. Colors, materials and soul, everything should vote.

In order for the house to fit in with shapes and colors that you otherwise see in the area, the containers were top-plated with metal plates in gray while the ground floor is in rust-colored steel plates.

Built to enjoy the view

The whole house was built in terms of its location and the beautiful view he has over the farm and the village.

– Everything is turned and customized so I make the most of the view, explains Bradley.

– The top containers are positioned to provide a front porch, in addition to getting down to the garden using a narrow staircase.

You do not guess what this house is made of

BEAUTIFUL NATURE: Check how this house is built to make the most of the beautiful view. PHOTO: Aidan Monaghan

You do not guess what this house is made of

CUSTOMIZED: Materials used in the intended project are all purchased from local merchants and stores. PHOTO: Aidan Monaghan

In order to make the containers habitable they were insulated and made weatherproof to prevent metal surfaces from rusting.

– This was important in a place where it rains a lot, explains the architect.

The entrance door of the house is on the second floor, and through a corridor we come straight to the big windows in front.

– The house is designed to be social and interact with others on the floor, while downstairs is the bedroom and bath, the private zones of the house, explains Bradley.

– The idea was that I would create completely different atmospheres up and down.

You do not guess what this house is made of

VIEW: It was important for the architect to be able to take advantage of this amazing view from the living room. PHOTO: Aidan Monaghan


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