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You did not know this about steel wool

The good old steel roll has far more uses than you might think.

You did not know this about steel wool

In these hectic pre-Christmas times, where washing and cleaning are high on the agenda for the vast majority of us, tricks may make it easier to make some work easier. Did you know that the traditional steel roll can be used for more than you might think?

Steel wool for solid burned food residue

The daily manager of, Jan Ivar Nykvist, explains to that steel wool is effective for use in boilers for lightly burned food.

– It’s important that the boiler does not have any coating that can damage the steel roll.

– Best to use in steel boilers that can withstand a bit of icing, Nykvist emphasizes.

Steel wool for the kitchen sink

Eivind Seiness is the general manager of He tells that he privately uses steel wool to scrub clean the dishes.

– Generally, I prefer rough steel wool both at work and private, says Seiness.

Steel wool has many uses

Leader for consumer services at Lilleborg, Malin Skaar, emphasizes that steel wool can be used too much.

– Steel wool is, among other things, effective to remove solid burned dirt on hotplates.

Here, Skaar advises you to consult the cooker’s manual first to see what the supplier may recommend or discourage.

– It also removes solid burnt dirt on the griddles / grilles inside the oven.

Another application for steel wool is the polishing of cutlery and kitchen utensils, and Skaar points out that this is particularly effective against rust spots and the like.

How to do it

Moisten the steel wool soap with water and squeeze the soap foam. Scissors also advise you to remember to wash with clean water eventually, possibly water and dish soap.

– Use the steel wool soap only as long as it’s skimming, she emphasizes.

There are also slightly more unconventional applications for steel wool, and according to the Reader’s Digest website, these are some of the following:

You did not know this about steel wool

STEELLEDD TAKES IT: Is your cutlery full in stain, such as rust? Then steel wool can be an effective way to bend them. Photo: ILLUSTRATION PHOTO: thinkstockphotos

Make nasty running shoes fine

Look your sneakers so badly that all you want to do is throw them in the garbage – this trick may be a try:

Wipe the steel roll and gently wipe away stains and other dirt that is stuck. Then wipe them clean with a damp sponge or give the shoes a round in the washing machine.

Keep the gnats out

Mice, rats, squirrels and bats are experts on entering the house, even through the smallest cracks.

As soon as you discover one of these pest passages, fill it fully with steel wool. This will probably be much more effective than dusting with foam or newspapers, as even the most dedicated rodent will have trouble getting through a block of steel wool.

Not only positive

Not everyone is equally positive about the use of steel wool.

According to the kitchen website Veaplan, the use of steel wool is a big no. This should apply to all surfaces of metal in the kitchen, including the sink.

Seller at Landmann Griller, Jonas Axelsson, has the following warning when it comes to steel wool:

Never use steel wool to clean stainless steel. It does not release small iron particles that start to rust on the surface, he has previously stated to

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