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You carefully remove this before the view?

It can cost you sales – check what you should and should not do on display.

You carefully remove this before the view?

Viewing requires that you set the time to thorough preparation to make the home as attractive as possible for potential buyers. It will usually always pay off.

To be successful, the home should be prepared before shooting and viewing.


If the first impression is good, it will be more to break down the interest in the home afterwards.

Real estate agency MNEF in ABCenter, Lise Kjelle, explains to Bonytt. No, it’s important that it looks pretty outside, as this is the first thing a prospective buyer sees.

– A bad stout lawn, weeds as far as the eye can see and trash is visible outside the house, the fewest scare and scare most.

Refurbishment and repairs

Go through your home before sale and fix what’s easy to fix. Walls like flakes, dripping cranes, sloping doors and windows, according to Kjelle, are not just “small” when you are going to sell your home.

– It will cost you less to get this repaired than the reduced purchase price of the stakeholders cost you.

– If something is still defective, do not apologize. Say it as it is. Honesty has always lasted, Kjelle emphasizes.

Cleaning and Cleaning

– Nice and nice is a matter of course. Smoke and food odors are not recommended. You must get a good feeling when you enter the home. Fresh fragrance from flowers and cleaners gives buyer a positive feel for the home, she explains.

Music and Animals

Do not rule out that potential buyers are as enthusiastic as you for the pet’s pets, regardless of size.

The dog bed and the cat dawn must be away and the house is thoroughly vacuumed before viewing. Perhaps you can get someone to care for the dog or cat for the hourly display, leaving no allergy sufferers to turn around in the door.

– Turn on radio and television, but feel comfortable listening to music on the stereo, advises the real estate agent.

View and Conversations

– If you are present during the show: Be polite. Do not worry, everything does not have to be explained. Most people know that a kitchen is a kitchen and a bathroom is a bathroom, Kjelle points out at ABCenter.

– Let those who are on the display get orientated in peace and quiet. Is the real estate agent present so stay tuned in the background, but be available for questions and enjoyable dialogue with stakeholders.

Local knowledge

Everyone is interested in local environment, school road, public communication and distance to shops, and the like. The real estate agent emphasizes that as a salesman you should be prepared for these questions.

If you have private viewing without a real estate agent, Kjelle encourages you to list the name, phone number and other important information that appears during the display.

– Does the visitor interest? Does he or she have to sell his own home first? Are there any special circumstances that the person concerned was concerned with?

– With this information, real estate agents can better follow up interested and thus sell your property faster.

First impression is critical

You carefully remove this before the view?

BE OPEN AND HONEST: It may be crucial for the sale that potential buyers already on display, get as much information as they wish about the property and the property. Photo: illustration photo: thinkstockphotos.com

Real Estate Agent in Real Estate Agent 1 Middle Norway, Trine Paulsen Eikenes, tells Bonytt. no that it is under the impression that the biggest impressions are made.

– The first impression is what determines whether there will be sales or not. It’s important to prepare your home as well as you can.

– It is preferred that broker be present on display because this is a professional party, but there is nothing in the way that the seller is also present. Consult a broker about what is desirable.

The oaks explain that an experienced broker quickly looks at whether the home is ready for viewing or if something should change in the last minute.

– It is important that the accommodation is aired and that it is tidy and clean, both outside and inside.

– During viewing, we ensure that stakeholders subscribe to a stakeholder list. Broker calls everyone in the list to answer follow-up questions and accept bids. A broker may be more direct to stakeholders than a seller, she explains.

Correct behavior during display

The oaks advise you to be “selling” during the show, meet the customer in the door, be gentle, welcome and handshake.

– Ask if they are from the site and / or are known. If they are not known, you can, during the show, find out if they have children, are interested in sports, city life, or the like.

Prepayment of residence before viewing

Inside Preparation

– The home must be washed

– It must be cleaned in both homes, stalls, garage

– Private decoration, family photo and nips must be removed

– Is the house vacated as tired furniture if possible

– Repair dripping / running toilets / cranes

– Fix loose wires, lists

– Lubricate creaking doors and windows

Exterior Preparation

– The entrance party must be nice – the first impression is important

– Cut the lawn and close the bed.

– Remove faded flowers, plants, shrubs and trees

– Decorate with nice flowers / green bushes on the terrace and at the entrance.

– Remove “mess” like a toboggan, bicycles, lawnmower, garden tools, etc..

– Make plenty of space for parking spaces. Move your own cars.

Less Refurbishment

– Complete previous renovation work.

– Paint the inside. the walls in neutral / bright colors. Remember to spark old holes / wounds first.

– Please paint untreated pine and granules in the ceiling / walls.

– Do not start a big renovation like kitchen and bath before selling, just small things.

Source: Trine Paulsen Eikenes at EiendomsMegler 1 Midt-Norge

– Points the nearby amenities that matter to them. For example, there is no need to point out that there are a lot of children in the street if they do not have children or are planning to have children.

In addition, the real estate agent has the following tips to make sure the view is as successful as possible.

  • Do not interrupt stakeholder . Buyers will feel at home with you. Be safe in your surroundings and home. If they start to furnish about, look for the location of their own sofa, and the like, let them get free playroom without interruptions. Many sellers tend to take control too. You may want to supplement along the way, but let a potential buyer complete the dream before you show the property.
  • Short-term memory . Try to highlight the seven most important things for your property and location. If you get 40 information in half an hour, quickly the most important things for the home are forgotten
  • Negative views . Do not focus on what you thought is negative. It may be that buyers do not share your point of view in advance, but may want to do so afterwards. Should they ask for something of a negative nature, tell the truth and continue the view.
  • Let the individual go alone . When the view is complete, ask if the stakeholders want to go a little on their own. Most people do not want to hurt the homeowners, so they may not be negative during the show, to your color choices, taste and decor of the home. The best part is that buyers go alone after the show with you and can talk freely about how they want to decorate and possibly paint without listening.
  • Homeowners’ location during viewing . If there are more during the view at the same time and you can not follow one by one, you or someone else can be in the middle of the home, preferably in the living room. Many will then stop after the show or during the show and ask the questions they may have so far. Remember to focus on the most important things for the individual stakeholder.
  • Owners . If there is no seller present during the viewing, it is important to inform brokers about the neighbors, the children’s age in the neighborhood and the like, as this can often be a deciding factor for the buyer. The disadvantage that the owner sets himself up on the views is that the buyers do not always “get completely loose” during the viewing. In fear of hurting the owners’ pride, they allow to make statements they would otherwise entrust to a broker alone.

Use a Friend

Get a friend to go on “view” as “buyer”. What kind of impression comes forth? Is there something missing? Is this a home the person would thrive in and bought?

Sources: Selvaagbolig. no, abcenter. no

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