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You can save thousands

See the list of the biggest thieves and how to save thousands of dollars.

You can save thousands

You can save thousands

– KUTT: Jeanne Katralen Tjomsland in Fjordkraft believes people should think more about their power consumption. Photo: Kurt Høyessen

If you go in a t-shirt during the winter, it may indicate that you can lower the indoor temperature.

– We believe that many people are able to reduce their power consumption by 30 percent, while Enova operates at as high a figure as 40 percent, says information manager Jeanne Katralen Tjomsland in Fjordkraft for Nettavisen.

With an ever-increasing focus on environment and energy saving, household average annual power consumption has fallen from over 18. 000 kilowatt hours per year to over 16. 000 kilowatt hours last year. It shows preliminary figures from Statistics Norway.

Save around $ 6,000

But we still waste unnecessarily much of the power.

If an average institution feels that Fjordkraft and Enova encourage, it can save about 5000-7000 kroner a year. It requires a cut in power consumption of 30-40 percent and an average price of one dollar per kilowatt hour.

The biggest power thief

Fjordkraft has counted on how much unnecessary power you spend over a year and found out where we waste the most. Heating is the biggest power thief.

This can save Norwegian households every year:


Cooker: 216 million. Causes: Spends a long time getting hot, often opens while the food is cooked, using a hotplate larger than the boiler.

Refrigerator: 230 million. Causes: Older than ten years, dusty cooling ribs on the back, food that is still hot or lukewarm inserted (tip: cool down in cold water bath).

Dishwasher: 215 million. Causes: Failure to save program, rinse dishes in hot water before entering the dishwasher, take many small dishes by hand instead of collecting a machine wash.

Living Room:

Doors and windows: 2 billion. Causes: Fluctuate for a long time and in a slippery place instead of quickly and efficiently, the heat disappears through dragging windows, doors between cold and warm rooms often open.

Heating / indoor temperature: 5 billion. Causes: Regularly over 22 degrees, without the help of thermostat, spare plug or timer on the panel ovens, heat disappears through exposed windows and open fireplace.

PC, TV, Other Electronics: 215 million. Causes: PC, stereo and game consoles are on or in standby mode around the clock, turning off TV only with the remote control instead of the button.

Lighting: 1 billion. Causes: Do not use light bulbs, the lights light up inches of room, lamps work without switches, light sensors or other power switches.


Washer and dryer: 430 million. Causes: Rarely working at the lowest washing temperature, impossible to adjust program in relation to the amount of laundry, dryer is used on days when laundry can be wiped out.

Heating cables: 1.8 billion. Reasons: As a rule, set at more than 15 degrees, working without a thermostat or timer, works in no use due to open doors and dragging windows.

Shower: 772 million. Causes: No spare shower, tempt you to shower for a long time, tempt you to shower several times a day.

Hot water heater: 1.5 billion. Causes: Set at more than 65 degrees, drip cranes fill the bathtub many times a week.

Background and prerequisites for calculations can be found at Fjordkraft.

– Imagine if you can fix any of this, and if you only do things of old habit, encourage Tjomsland.

Read more about housing economics in the Nettavisen.

Can save 5 billion

You can save thousands

Lower the temperature and save money. Photo: Fjordkraft

– It is unnecessary to increase the power bill while sleeping. It’s delicious with a hot kitchen in the morning, but it does not have to be hot there all night, “says Tjomsland.

Together, Norwegians can save five billion dollars a year on heating the home, according to the electricity supplier.

– It’s often relatively simple steps that save you power. A thousand flaps for light bulbs, seals and timers are quickly spared back, “says Tjomsland.

Since the Norwegian stream has traditionally been cheap, it has been easy to add to the hassles.

For example, if you go to a t-shirt in winter, it may be a sign that you can lower your indoor temperature a little, “says Tjomsland.

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Save money and the environment

Reduced power consumption not only means lower personal expenses, but also environmental benefits.

– Reduced energy consumption in Norway means that Norwegian hydropower can replace polluting power from coal or oil in other countries, “says Jeanne Katralen Tjomsland.

She claims that the company will not give people a bad conscience, just show that there are great opportunities for savings for those who want.

– People will certainly enjoy light in the dark, but in these financial crisis times you can think of sensible Christmas presents like timetables or seals, suggests Tjomsland.

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