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You can get thousands of dollars in support

Nothing to fetch from the state if you want to replace your old, polluting furnace.

You can get thousands of dollars in support

Do you plan to replace your old wood burning stove, either because you want one with distinct design qualities or perhaps because you have a clear ambition to reduce your climate emissions. May her it’s about both. Either way, you are in front of a choice with several factors, which could be easier if you get support to install the new oven.

Your challenge is that there is not much support available, and at the state’s own power for energy conversion, there is no support for wood or wood burning stoves.

– Vedovner gives us no support because we consider this market to be well-functioning. Previously, we gave support for the installation of pellet ovens, but we took out the grant schemes a few years ago because, after several years of support, we did not notice any increased demand for the type of furnace, “says Enova Evy Aspheim, communications advisor.. no.

The only Enova can provide support for where fireplaces are included are wood-burning stoves and pellets (which heat up water for heating and tap water) and if they are part of a project with a transfer from fossil oil firing in oil jelly.

Some municipalities provide support

Click. No have contacted the larger cities around the coast, and of them, only Oslo has support.

But that does not mean there are no support opportunities. According to an overview from Enova, the following municipalities support the replacement of fireplaces: Oslo, Ål, Hemsedal, Elverum, Flå and Løten.

In these you can get support on a few thousand flaps for installing a burning stove or upgrading the fireplace you already have.

In addition, several municipalities have had support, but have settled it, partly due to strained municipal economics.

Set of funds for grants

A few years ago, several Hallingdal and Valdres municipalities collaborated on a climate and energy plan that, among other things, would reduce the climate emissions in the two valleys.

– In connection with the plan, we established a fund that would provide support for the installation of, inter alia, flammable wood-burning stoves, says the author of Flå municipality, Tor Egil Buøen, to click. no.

– We will distribute grants for as long as the fund exists, but there are not many that make use of the offer.

A similar fund is also found in Ål and Hemsedal.

– Want more bets

According to the Norwegian Bioenergy Association (NoBio), which is an interest organization for Norwegian bioenergy industry, there should be more support schemes for those who wish to start firing.

– We think it should be given the shock from the public to the instillation of wood burning fireplaces. Not necessarily because it costs so much to buy a woodburning stove, but because it could be an incentive to install other energy sources than just electricity, “says Energy Policy Adviser in NoBio, Hege Holte Nielsen.. no.

– It will also be positively clean, because we know that burn-burning wood stoves release far less dust, called NOx, than older furnaces.

Holte Nielsen adds that a larger number of wood stoves in Norwegian homes could lead to a lower load on the mains on particularly cold days.

Vedovner as preparedness

Also, with the Norwegian warming industry organization, which works to encourage people to switch from old to new furnace, you would like to see more investment by the government.

– We believe the authorities should more and more stimulate conversion to more flammable fireplaces, Chairman Merethe Halvorsrød, Chairman of the Board, said.. no.

She says that new wood stoves reduce dust emissions by up to 90% compared to old stoves.

In addition, new furnaces utilize the wood far better than old furnaces, which means that they provide far more energy, up to twice as much.

Halvorsrød adds that in times of extreme weather and frequent power outages, the stove is important as readiness if the power should go.

– Wood burning is also a key source for heating when the mains is charged at most. On the coldest days, the mains would break down if we had not replenished with wood burning.

According to Norsk Varme, there are up to 2 million old furnaces in Norway.

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Oslo council

Oslo provides support for the wood burning stove and installation of a stove.

Oslo municipality has many support schemes for ENØK measures, ranging from insulation, via solar heating to the removal of old oil fires.

In the case of fireplaces, they provide support for the wood burning stove and the installation of a stove.

Replacement of wood stove

Living within the so-called Ring 3, you can pick up 3000 kroner in support. Outside Ring 3, it will receive 1500 kroner in support if you remove the old polluting wood stove and replace it with a new, burn-burning.

The support is also provided for the installation of fireplace insert or afterburner.

Tiled stove installation

Oslo is the only municipality to provide support for the installation of a stove. If you want to get a monument of a fireplace in the living room, the municipality contributes 5000 kroner for purchase.

Ål municipality

Ål municipality provides support for both pellets and wood burning stoves.

Ål municipality has established an energy subsidy fund that provides support for measures that reduce the use of electrical energy, and paradoxically, the payment will be made to Ål Kraftverk KF Fund.

Support for up to 20 percent of the investment, with the following maximum rates:

Woodburning stove: kr. 3500, –

Pellet stove: kr. 6000, –

Pellet stove with water heating: kr. 9000, –

Flå municipality

Flå municipality provides support for both pellets and burners.

The municipality of Flå has also established a similar fund as Ål, called the Energy and Climate Action Fund. Through this, citizens can receive 20 percent of the investment, limited to the following amounts:

Burn-burning stove / fireplace: kr. 3. 000, –

Pellet stove: kr. 3. 000, –

Grant is given after the investment has been made.

Hemsedal municipality

Provides support of up to 4,000 kroner for a burning stove.

Hemsedal municipality has established its fund to help reduce the consumption of electrical energy and increase the use of local and renewable energy sources.

It is possible to apply for a grant of up to 25 percent of the investment amount, limited to the following amount:

Stove burning stove: kr 4000, –

Elverum municipality

Support up to $. 3000, -.

The municipality of Elverum has set up a fund to contribute to energy efficiency and conversion to more environmentally friendly energy use and reduced greenhouse gas emissions from housing.

The fund provides support for upgrading old fireplaces to a burning stove. The grant is granted up to DKK. 3000, -. per household.

Løten municipality

3000 kroner in premiums for up to two fireplaces.

The municipality of Løten provides grants for the replacement of old wood stoves with kr. 3000, – per fireplace, and up to 2 per household.

It can either be applied in advance or within 3 months from the wood burning stove purchased.


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