You can earn $ 300,000 to redecorate the bedroom

Turn the kitchen into a bedroom.

You can earn $ 300,000 to redecorate the bedroom

According to the head of the industry organization pipe contractors Norway, they see a trend where more people buy a dwelling house, with the intention of moving the kitchen into the living room and also having an extra bedroom. It can pay off, but how much you get back, because of course it depends on how much your job is.

– There is a particular location of the pipeline that is essential. If you make great changes to this, it will be cost-effective, “says Nielsen.

Can be left with $ 300,000 extra

Thomas Wahl is General Manager of Active Property Torshov and Grünerløkka. He tells that many buy a toroms with the intention of turning it back into three years, but that he has not seen anyone more to it now than before.

– It’s very common and very popular, but it’s nothing new, he says.

And if something is in place you can get a lot of money for it.

– If you have normal access to pipes, we would like you to be left with a profit of $ 300,000, after the job has been done.

But you should be aware that it may cost and it is therefore advisable to inquire about the amount of work required.

Not all reflects the job to be done

Over the period between New Year and Easter this year, more than 300 tenders for relocating kitchens were posted on’s mission page. A review of some of the tenders shows that while someone is based on what is easy to implement, someone else reflects little about the location of the plumbing when they plan to redo their apartment. The more things that have to be done, the more expensive will of course be the job, and according to Nielsen you may have to pay out anything from 2000 to 100,000 kroner for such a job.

The pipe contractor’s tips:

  • Check if you need approval from the community or housing team.
  • The new kitchen should be placed near the existing pipe, for example, in the back of the old kitchen or near the bathroom. Check the floor plan carefully and discuss with a specialist if you buy in order to rebuild.
  • Connecting water and drain from another part of the apartment can be costly and complicated, but talk to plumber for price estimation. Perhaps it still pays off in a depressed housing market.
  • If you break a fire separator when adding new pipes, you must apply for a permit.
  • Ensure proper exhaustion from the kitchen fans when the kitchen becomes part of the room. Matos and odors may otherwise be a disadvantage.
  • Remember to sign a contract with all craftsmen who will help you with the job.

It’s hard to give an estimate, because just going through one wall does not cost you much, but if you move the meter several meters it can quickly become a part, “he emphasizes.

It is therefore the pipes that are going on and it will be easier to have the kitchen near the bathroom or an old kitchen, where there is a piping. You should therefore check the floor plans and talk to a professional about how much the job will be. For example, if you change the pipes, make sure you have enough falls in the floor so that the water is drained. Should you move long you may have to raise the floor very much. You also risk that you do not have space.

– Should you raise the floor 20 centimeters in new apartments where the roof height is 2.40, the roof height will be too low. In older apartments, there is usually no problem, says Nielsen.

However, if you have space, it is not impossible to make major changes to the pipeline. If you do, Nielsen advises to first set a plan for other measures that can increase the value of your home. For example, under the floor, you can enter heat without costing the whole world extra.

Remember to sign contract

You do not need to apply a building permit to move the kitchen unless the fire fires in the wall are broken. But you may have to have approval from the housing company. Otherwise, it is important to talk to the plumber and lay a plan. He or she can also suggest other actions that can be done in parallel.

Be sure to choose a serious plumber. To make sure that you are not fooled when choosing a craftsman, you can check the person or company on competence, which is a collaboration between the Master’s Board of Directors and the Directorate for Construction Quality and the Advisory Board for wet rooms. To ensure that the plumber does not use the fake champion title, check the master register at

And remember to sign a contract. Standard contracts can be found on

– If you set up work that includes the pipeline in an apartment complex, you should be sure that you can not be held responsible if things should go wrong. Therefore it is important to choose a qualified plumber, “says Nielsen.

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