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You can complain about this to Ikea

Ikea promises help if you regret the purchase.

Norwegians love to brush up and decorate our homes. We dream of beautiful outdoor areas, tidy homes and beautifully furnished living rooms. And in search of the housewarming, many of us travel to Ikea.

And there you’ll find, among opened cardboard boxes, different parts that can be a chest of drawers and many screws and wooden plugs. Sometimes it becomes a brilliant new piece of furniture, other times banner and you reject because one shelf is broken or screws are missing.

Communication advisor Siv Egger at Ikea in Norway promises that it is helpful to get in the vast majority of cases.

– The main council is calling customer service. Then you clarify exactly what the matter is about and you can find a solution, “says Egger. no.

Most complaints on delivery

Ikea’s six department stores in Norway had 11. 324. 539 visitors last year. It gives many satisfied and dissatisfied customers. At the complainant in Norway we will find complaints regarding delivery. Items that have been delayed, have received an incorrect item or have been damaged during transport.

– We encourage everyone to contact our Customer Service Center so that we can fix the matter. You will of course get a new product if it has been broken on the road, “says Egger.

You can either call customer service at 815 44 000 or fill out a contact form on ikea. no. To find the form, scroll down and click on “Customer Service” and then “Contact Us”. There you will find a list and under “complaint” you must find the point, for example “kitchen”. Here you can fill out contact information and what the complaint concerns.

You can complain about this to Ikea

MANY PACKAGES: If you buy new kitchen from IKEA, it is usual to order delivery. That’s the top of the complaints list at the furniture giant. Photo: IKEA

If delivery does not arrive at the agreed time, you do not automatically claim a replacement.

– If the customer wishes to cancel the purchase due to the delay, we will of course allow this. We also pay back expenses if the customer has had any due to the delay. We also cover direct loss the customer has had as a result of the delay, if you can document this, “says Egger.

You get new item

The second most common is complaints about products, that is, something wrong with the item you bought or that what you bought nevertheless does not fit home.

– We want to have the best return and exchange policies and to meet people. If the item is opened but was damaged when you opened it, you can return it to the warehouse and get a new one.

If you have mounted the chest of drawers or bookcase and it is all right, but you regret the purchase because it does not fit your home, Egger says you can contact customer service.

– The main rule is that we will take it back if you regret the purchase, even if it is opened and installed. But you must have a receipt. And to be sure to drop a booth to the warehouse, you may want to call customer service in advance.

If you wish to contact customer service through mail, you will find the form for this by scrolling all the way down to the website and first clicking on “customer service” and then “contact us”. Under “complaint” you will find the different categories, such as sofa and home appliances.

Can not change countertops

More problematic is if you have ordered a worktop by measure and it turns out that it did not fit. Then your mistake and Ikea will not take it back. So be sure to be accurate.

– We do not take back items ordered on a target that the customer has made, confirms Egger.

Pick up screws at the warehouse

Something that annoys a lot of people is wrong screws or too few screws in the package. Then you have to bring the receipt and go to the warehouse and pick up new ones.

You can complain about this to Ikea

GOOD HOME: Cabinets, shelves and dressers are needed to get a neat home. Photo: IKEA

– As a rule, you must go to the warehouse and pick up screws there. But again, you may want to call customer service, if it’s just a single screw, they might be able to send it in the mail.

These rules apply to the entire Ikea, you can trade goods at any warehouse you want, also goods purchased in other countries.

In summary, you should always save on the receipt, it is your proof of purchase and necessary to get the goods shipped or complained when something breaks. Check the Ikea website for forms and answers to frequently asked questions, at the bottom of their website.

Receive complaints about Ikea

The Consumer Council can tell that they do not receive many requests from dissatisfied Ikea customers.

– In relation to the number of customers, we do not get many requests at Ikea. So far this year we have received 51 inquiries. Last year, 265 inquiries came and, in comparison, Elkjøp received 1754 inquiries, “says Ingeborg Flønes, Director of Consumer Services for Clicks.. no.

She points out that as a consumer, you always have five years of right of complaint.

– Next to that, Ikea has warranties that give you rights beyond the usual protection. You complain to Ikea in the same way as all other sellers. First, you try to resolve the matter with the seller. Write an email or letter telling you what you are dissatisfied with and make a claim as a repair or money back. If the case does not resolve itself, the Consumer Council can deal with it. You will find help with complaint letters and how to complain about the consumer row. no. You can also call Consumer Council on 03737 or email [email protected]

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