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You can buy cheap machines

Pets or cheap dishwasher and washing machine, what’s the difference?

You can buy cheap machines

Dishwasher and washing machine are something most of us have. And since most people have their white goods for a long time, there are various factors that may be useful to think well before investing in a new one.

What about price? Does it pay to put some extra money into the kitchenware, or you might as well go for the least expensive variant?

Varying needs

According to Communications Manager at Elkjøp Nordic, Åshild Indresøvde, there are big differences in appliances when it comes to what features or programs they have. She states that this may apply to both space (for both envelopes and clothes), energy consumption, noise level, operating time and more.

– The more expensive models often use much less energy and have far more features and more space than the less expensive ones.

– Over a longer lifespan, energy saving itself can earn an additional investment, Indresøvde points out..

The most important thing is to find a machine that suits their needs, and the needs vary greatly from person to person. There is a big difference between the need for a household with five people and one or two people, for example.

Cheap or expensive dishwasher?

Jan Ivar Nykvist is the general manager of the Gourmet Chefs. no and shop manager for Stangeriet in Mathallen, Oslo. He explains to Bonytt. no that the dishes will probably be as clean with a cheap machine as an expensive machine. However, there are other differences.

Nykvist states that a more expensive dishwasher often wants more practical solutions that make the job easier for you in the kitchen.

– You will also often have the opportunity to lower and raise the shelves you put in the dishes, if you go for one of the more expensive variants.

– This can be convenient for those who want to wash wine glasses and larger boilers in the machine.

You can buy cheap machines

CHOICE OF CLEANING MACHINE: The decor is one of the most important when consumers are going to buy a dishwasher. Photo: Illustration photo:

Noise level and water consumption

You can buy cheap machines

See what you can put in the dishwasher

Elkjøp’s Inspired Practitioner points out that the sound will also vary from the cheap machines to the more expensive variants.

– The more expensive dishwashers generally have a much lower noise level. Many today have an open kitchen and we recommend to think about the noise level and go for machines with as low a noise level as possible, ie closer to 40 than 50 db.

The Communications Manager emphasizes that the more expensive machines also use less power and are much more gentle for the environment.

– There are machines on the market that have six liters of water on a dish, and yes, it will be clean.

If you are concerned with this, Indresøvde recommends looking for machines marked with A ++ and A +++.

You should look for this

For Nykvist, it is important for the dishwasher to keep the machine clean inside.

You can buy cheap machines

Check this before putting on the next laundry

– This is especially true of the filter that should be cleaned regularly to avoid bad odors and bacteria.

So, how to find out what your dishwasher looks like. Do you want to have cutlery at the top, or basket to put the cutlery in?

Senior consultant at SINTEF Building Research, Jan Chistian Krohn, explains to Bonytt. The fact that SINTEF is most concerned with choosing both dishwashers and washing machines is that the machines have good protection against surface and water leakage.

– I suppose all new machines sold today have some form of built-in waterproofing system.

Cheap or expensive washing machine?

The differences between price ranges and models are largely in the capacity.

– When buying a new washing machine, we recommend to think about how much amount of laundry you need to wash, how many turns you need (what residual moisture has the laundry when the machine is ready) and what programs you need, explains Indresøvde.

– When it comes to turns, there can be a lot to save on drying, if you use a dryer.

The communications manager states that some machines also have a spare drum, which is more gentle for the laundry compared to what the traditional drum is.

– Some machines also have brushless motors, making them more reliable and quiet.

– Energy labeling also plays in, there is a big difference in water consumption on the various washing machines.

What should you look for?

Leader for consumer services in Lilleborg and plus time expert. no, Malin Skaar, emphasizes that in the case of washing machines some of the slightly more expensive machines have their own impregnation programs, own programs for washing shoes as well.

– For some, this may mean a lot, because others mean that little.

You can buy cheap machines

CHOICE OR ANIMALS: The differences between price ranges and models are largely in the capacity. Photo: ILLUSTRATION PHOTO: thinkstockphotos

Skaar explains that while someone wants a simple and easy-to-understand machine, with simple choice of program and temperature, others want a machine with programs that define textiles such as jeans, cotton, synthetic.

The middle is sufficient

PR / Marketing Manager at BSH Household Appliances, Katrin Ohlander, explains to Bonytt. No, most manufacturers have models in different price ranges to choose from.

– Sticking to the middle segment, you get the most important features, number of programs, and the like.

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