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You are the bank manager

Even though the banks are bothering, you can do it to lower your home rate yourself.

You are the bank manager

You are the bank manager

Now she cuts out

It was expected that Norges Bank would cut the so-called management rate by half a percentage point, whatever they did. However, wrote yesterday that, despite an interest rate cut, the banks would be in a position to reduce lending rates. You do not have to find yourself. You can be your own central bank manager and cut interest rates.

Change bank

Probably, there is not much to fetch at your own bank because they have undercut their own borrowing costs. This means that they lend money at a lower interest rate than your expenses would indicate. The best option you have to lower your interest rate is to switch banks.

You can either do that by going directly to the bank with the lowest interest rate. Another option is to make use of a so-called lender. These provide loans from banks and can offer a lower interest rate than if you would have gone to the respective bank.

Here you get the cheapest loan. And here you will find great tips on how to get away from a rate cut.

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