Yes, there is a bed on the wall

The hanging bed is just one of the attractions of the local project in the Italian village.

Yes, there is a bed on the wall

Yes, there is a bed on the wall

HANGESENGA INNE: The bed hanging out in the cage is on rails inside a room in the castle. Photo: Hertha Hurnaus

Yes, there is a bed on the wall

ON OUTSIDE: The bed is pushed from the room into the cage, to an airy experience. Photo: Hertha Hurnaus

Million Donkey Hotel is a result of collaboration between the feld72 architects and locals in the village of Prata Sannita.

Feld72 is not like a traditional architectural office. They also call a laboratory for architecture.

International Local Project

Feld72 was invited to the Million Donkey Hotel project by the association of Matese (Azione Matese).

In 2005, national and international artists were invited to work on issues of identity and social space and landscapes in the Maltese disaster area outside of Naples.

The projects should include locals.

Artists and architects lived with local people and used local resources to stimulate the micro-economy of the villages.

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Renovation of Old Town

The project in Prata Sannita was initiated because the old town of Prata Inferiore was vacated and lacked tourist traffic, unlike the new part of the city – Prata Superiore.

Together with over 40 volunteers from the locals in Prata Sannita, feld72 furnished one month more rooms for use in accommodation and experience in the old part of the city.

The name of the hotel was when the architects and villagers sat under the warm August sun and evaluated how to transport materials into the steep old town.

– There was a million donkeys left to carry out the project, the idea was. And the name Million Donkey Hotel was established, the architects say in feld72 to

Local Business

The bed hanging outside the wall is just part of this big project.

The untraditional hotel today has a green bathroom, a whole black room, a silver colored room and the flying bedroom.

– The Million Donkey Hotel is now run by local heroes who were involved in the construction.

– Hotel guests pay what they think their stay is worth telling the architects by email to

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Here is Prata Sannita:

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