Wrong cleaners can be the reason why your looks look like this

How to remove coatings from the toilet bowl

Wrong cleaners can be the reason why your looks look like this

Remove the coating in the toilet:

Citric acid

Dishwasher detergent

Vinegar and liquid detergent

Acidic soda – as a coke

Incorrect use of detergents when washing the toilet can lead to a coating in the toilet bowl over the years. No matter how much you scrub with the toilet brush, the coating will not go away.

Beate Gerø, Product Manager for Visible Products at Porsgrund and Ifö, emphasizes that you avoid discoloration of the toilet bowl by cleaning the toilet regularly.

– Use a mild detergent and do not use abrasives, caustic soda or any other thing that can destroy the glaze on the ceramic, “she says. The use of such means is probably the reason why it initially formed a brown coating in the toilet.

– Modern toilets, like those we manufacture, have an icing in the bowl. If you use strong abrasives on this, you will destroy the structure, explains Gerø.

If the damage has already occurred and you have a coating in the toilet bowl, there is advice. Here are the cleaning experts’ best tips:

Remove coatings in do with citric acid

Elisabet Høie, author of the “Clean Pleasure” cleaning book, tips in the bathroom cleaning chapter, that before the toilet sink you can pour a large bucket of water in the toilet so that the water is sucked into the pipes and it becomes easier to get to the bed.

– Sprinkle two bags of citric acid in the toilet and let the citric acid work overnight. Then scrub with the toilet brush, the advice from Høie.

Machine Dishwashing

Gerø in Porsgrund and Ifö tips about using warm water and detergent in the toilet.

– Mix a couple of teaspoons dishwasher detergent with five liters of hot water. Use warm water, preferably 50 degrees. Leave the mixture in the toilet for 15 minutes before flushing it down. Then you can manage to get it away, Gerø tips.

Detergent and vinegar

If the coating in the toilet has come as a result of rust or deposits, it will be difficult to get rid of the usual remedy.

Cleaning expert Else Liv Hagesæther, author of the books “Clean, so simple!” and “Cleaning – Basic Modules” suggest that what can solve the problem is an acidic acid-based agent such as vinegar.

Wrong cleaners can be the reason why your looks look like this

TAKING INVESTIGATION: The coating in the toilet bowl can be removed with either vinegar or dishwasher detergent. Photo: Yvonne Ringnes Nilsen

– pour vinegar into the saucepan and leave it. To increase the effect, you can have some liquid detergent with the vinegar. Leave it awake and give the time to dissolve the deposits. Afterwards you will hopefully get it away with the toilet brush, “says Hagesæther.

Remove Coat Coatings

A fourth method that may also work to remove the nasty brown coating in the toilet bowl is (believe it or not) acidic soda such as cola.

– Pour a box or a slight half-lit bottle of soda into the bowl. After an hour you can scrub with the toilet brush, Høie writes in the cleaning book.

Cola, or other acidic soda, can remove the stain because soda contains oxygen that takes basic stains.

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