Wrecked garage became fat apartment

Do not underestimate the garage. This became a cool little townhouse.

Wrecked garage became fat apartment

While someone is building garages for the car to have a place to live, the other car gets out of the garage and moves in.

And for those who do not think it’s possible to live in something that was definitely not meant to be a home in the first place, just see how wrong you can take.

This forfeited garage in Bordeaux, of only 40 m2, had all the odds against being able to live.

Not to talk about handsome. But it did not stop the French architectural firm Fabre / deMarien.

The garage project, called the 100% Box, was completed in December 2009 and has received attention worldwide.

Wrecked garage became fat apartment

FALSE: No one had thought that the tired old garage would get new life as an apartment. Photo: Fabre / deMarien

From the outside, nothing more than a tired old garage was built before the architects started.

The garage had stood more or less unused for years, sandwiched between two other buildings, before the architects from Fabre / de maria took on the job.

The first thing that the renowned French architectural firm did was replace the old garage door with two wooden panels, which in principle function as sliding doors, and can slide past each other to give arrival to the building.

Wrecked garage became fat apartment

NY DRAKT: The architects put sliding doors in wood and removed the rustic garage door. Photo: Fabre / deMerien

This way you get into the building and achieve noise shading from traffic on the road outside.

Within the doors you first notice a small veranda with a wooden deck. From this, a glass door leads into the house.

The interior itself is white in order to maximize the light and space feeling, which the big glass windows also contribute to.

The floor is cast in concrete concrete, as a small hint to the homes’ previous life as a garage.

Wrecked garage became fat apartment

WHITE AND BEAUTIFUL: The kitchen in the apartment is tight and white and the large windows emit lots of light. Photo: Fabre / deMarien

The kitchen, which is also white, is both spacious and functional. Smart lighting as well as the large windows create a well-lit room, and the long dining table makes it easy to invite for dinner.

There is room for both work and comfort in the living room, and the curved wood construction adds warmth to the minimalist surroundings.

Behind the workstation leads a narrow staircase up to the sleeping shack, which is compact but contains everything one needs in a bedroom.

Fabre / deMarien was launched in 2004 by the architects Julie Fabre and Matthieu de Maren.

Wrecked garage became fat apartment

SMALL AND GOOD: Functional design allows the main room of the apartment to feel spacious. Photo: Fabre / deMarien

The company has won national design prices.

Wrecked garage became fat apartment

ROOM IN ROOM: On top of the wooden block in the middle of the room is a sleephem made. Photo: Fabre / deMarien

The 100% Box Project is described by the architects as:

“A project that fits perfectly with our methodology, one must build the city in the city. By doing this, you retain and renew the rich pattern of commercial buildings, storage depots, factories and detached houses in the city. “

While in Norway it is still unusual to talk about making a living out of the garage, this is in both Great Britain, Ireland and the United States a unusual measure to get bigger living space.

A multitude of “garage conversion” companies specialize in converting your garage to a part of the house.

Many people get an extra bedroom, children’s playroom, home office or just get more room for the kitchen and living room by using the garage, which previously was nothing more than a collection of old root.

Does it make it happen in Norway?

Wrecked garage became fat apartment

SOV SEARCH: There is no high ceiling on the sleeping shelf, but the roof window makes it feel less cramped. Photo: Fabre / deMarien

Although it is still not common in Norway to make garages available for housing or part of the home, it often makes it a good thing, “says Marianne Kaperdal in the Oslo Planning and Building Agency.. no.

– Such a change will be an application-required change of use, which in practice means that you must apply for permission before starting. In addition, make sure that the garage is regulated to the standard of living.

In Norway, the 4-meter rule also applies to neighbors. Should the garage be closer to the neighbor’s house than 4 meters, you may need the neighbor’s consent to the project.

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