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Wow – check this house

Expert is excited about the spectacular residence in Stavanger.

Wow - check this house

Wow - check this house

– Should I use a word for my feelings for this house, then it’s fun. And should I spend two, it’s damn fun, says architect Tommie Wilhelmsen. Photo: tommie

Wow - check this house

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Wow - check this house

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Wow - check this house

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Wow - check this house

Here nobody breaks

At times, buildings will appear that will put your perceptions on what is testable.

Such a remarkable architecture project is Villa Hellearmen near Stavanger.

Not the only time

This is not the first time Wilhelmsen has marked. Other high profile projects from his hand are the raw caravan-like Villa Joa Alle and a viewpoint under the auspices of the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.

It is six hundred meters above the Aurlandsfjord.

UFO-like in the oil town

There is something weird, surreal about Villa Hellearmen. Here are many architectural moments to attach to, and the most important is the way the young architect has broken down the distinction between outer and inner areas.

Just look at how he lets the inside panel in big rooms proceed to the open.

Wow - check this house

WOW: Is it possible to shape houses in this way. Photo: Emile Ashley

Wow - check this house

EIK PRYDER BOTH OUTDOORS: See how the panel in oak flows from the living room and onto the terrace. Photo: Tommie Wilhelmsen

Wow - check this house

A LIGHTING OBJECT IN THE HAGEN: In the evening, Villa Hellearmen glows like a lamp. Photo: Tommie Wilhelmsen

Get seduced

The soft, sensual style that the whole house in Leca and oak is done in is by the way an exciting thing in itself.

A signal in history

– It’s always fun with architects and builders who dare to do that little extra. When they really grow up like Tommie Wilhelmsen has done here in Villa Hellearmen, there is great architecture, says VG`s architect and art critic Lars Elton.

– This villa is a signal building that will stand in Norwegian architectural history.

Futurism and Entertainment

The first and second floors are the house’s supreme center and visual attraction. Here is everything that matters to the house; the unfamiliar, floating lines and zones, the mega view and an almost futuristic atmosphere a la Stanley Kubrick’s film A Space Odyssey.

Splitter new to Sola

Wow - check this house

FULL VIEWS FROM THE LINE: From the living / dining room on the second floor. Photo: Emile Ashley

Wow - check this house

WELCOME TO ROOMS: The living room on the first floor consists of two levels. Photo: Emile Ashley

Wow - check this house

MODERNIST: The bright, lightweight style goes like a red thread throughout the house. The windows run like long tires on both floors. Photo: Emile Ashley

– This detached house is located in an established villa area on Sola just outside Stavanger, and was drawn on behalf of the house at Per Inge Hamre, explains Wilhelmsen.

Switches with predictable

– We wanted to break with the predictable and consistent housing type that the area consists of, and add a little new, explains the architect.

The scale in the area, ie two-story buildings with large gardens right outside are kept.

Villa Hellearmen – elsewhere on the globe?

– Ironically, after this house was published in many media, I received requests from both Denmark, England, Chile and Norway with the desire to build accurate copies of Villa Hellearmen elsewhere. It’s not possible. “This house fits only one place on the globe,” says the architect of Bonytt. no.

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Wow - check this house

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