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At Lloyd Hotels in Amsterdam you get culture and top design on your purchase.

Wow - check this hotel

– This is not a design hotel but a hotel with design and culture, says one of the initiators of Lloyd Hotel Amsterdam, art historian Suzanne Oxenaar to bonytt. no Photo: Milan Vermeulen Lloyd Hotel

Holland has been one of the world’s leading design nations ever since the 1920s and De Stijl movement.. Just look at Hotel New York in Rotterdam and these two homes; a brand new architectural villa and a listed modernist residence in Utrecht.

Four friends project

The Lloyd hotel has a special history. Four friends, an art historian, a lawyer, a restauranteier and a party fist gathered in 2001 to take over this soon-centuries-old stone building.

It has been the accommodation of crowds of hopeful emigrants to South America, a refuge for Jews just before the war, prison for Dutch opponents and artist studio.

The goal of the four, none of whom were professional hotel people, was to create a distinctly different hotel – a so-called open minded place that is as profoundly multi-sensual as some other highlights in this traditional-rich cultural and design city.

Wow - check this hotel

FENDING DESIGN: The room with the bed, the so-called Torenkamer is painted with special colors. Photo: Lloyd Hotel

Wow - check this hotel

HOT, HOT, HOT: This warm-blooded room, no. 14 is designed by Scholten en Baijings. Photo: Lloyd Hotel

Wow - check this hotel

FOR MUSIC ROCKS: This room is specially built for classical music exercises. Design by Atelier van Lieshout. Photo: Lloyd Hotel

Top places “took a piece of cake”.

The architect office MVRDV, known for example for the Barcode series of high-rise buildings in Bjørvika, Oslo and other advanced projects around the world, cleared up in the old building and removed large pieces of “cookie pieces” out of the decor so that in each place became heavenly rooms where daylight gets flooded.

The big guns; Wanders, Jongerius and Piet Hein Eek

The interior of the hotel’s 116 rooms is an amazing mix of styles and creative touches.

Here, designererguru Marcel Wanders, known all over the globe for its adventurous lamps and furniture put its tracks.

It has also made the same creative, but more muted Hella Jongerius done. Ditto with the highly sought after furniture artist Piet Hein Eek.

Other stars too

Other star shots, architects and artists such as Bureau Lakenvelder, Richard Hutten, Claudy Jongstra, Joep van Lieshout, Michel Francois, Suchan Kinoshita, have also been released to name a few.

The culture is open to everyone

Wow - check this hotel

LOOKING INSTRUCTION: Designer Tine Beunders has made a room child lover. Photo: Lloyd Hotel

Wow - check this hotel

PENE PANELER: These decorated blinds are made by artist Claudy Jongstra. Photo: Lloyd Hotel

The most original of the Lloyd concept, however, is cultural bitterness; The Cultural Embassy.

Wow - check this hotel

Social anthropologist Gunn-Helen Øye Photo: Espen Grønli

This totally open section of the hotel is a meeting, discussion and exhibition venue that attracts business people, artists, design enthusiasts – and of course hotel guests.

Here at home and in a easy way, they can feel the vibrant cultural life in Amsterdam – and throughout the country.

Find the soul in Amsterdam

– This hotel is so perfect both in historical and new architectural details, and not least with unique hotel rooms, that you can forget to borrow a bicycle and packed lunch at the hotel.

You only get humble when you see to what degree the entrepreneurs have put their minds in a project, “says social anthropologist Gunn-Helen Øye to bonytt. no

A monumental experience

– Staying at the Lloyd Hotel in the midst of the trendy Eastern Docklands, close to the new music house designed by Danish architects is a great experience, says the travel agent, Dutch Martijn Balzer.

Wow - check this hotel

SOFISTIC: Room no. 4 of Studi Job cultivates a more low-key, discreet style. Photo: Lloyd Hotel

Wow - check this hotel

LONG TERM: No Powilleit has helped to decorate the old hallways of Hotel Lloyd Amsterdam. Photo: Lloyd Hotel

Wow - check this hotel

LONG FROKOSTER IN HOLLAND: Mingling over long tables in the large restaurant with sky-high ceiling. Photo: Yamandu Roos Lloyd Hotel

Wow - check this hotel

MAGIC STYLE: This area is designed and furnished by Richard Hutten. Photo: 8BIM Lloyd Hotel

Wow - check this hotel

FULL FRES: Here you will see some of the activities in the Cultural Embassy section of Hotel Lloyd. The large breakfast room and lounge are just below this hovering platform. The white steel table is specially designed for the hotel and they are for sale here. Photo: oyd Hotel

The rooms vary in size, ranging from one to five stars, and this entire monumental complex is a mixture of state-of-the-art Dutch design, Art Deco and a classic building style from around 1920.

Wow - check this hotel

Martijn Balzer Photo: MB

Amsterdam School

In the language of the language, this direction is called “Amsterdamse School”, and it is characterized, among other things, by a distinctive expressionist style expression.

One-to-five stars under the same roof

– We have rooms in all price ranges, and just this is a very important part of our concept, says art historian and manager of the hotel, Suzanne Oxenaar to

– We want people with different backgrounds, business people, architects and students to meet and exchange opinions. We have been able to do this in the Cultural Embassy section of the hotel, “she says.

Wow - check this hotel

CENTRAL FIGURE: Maaike Rozenburg lets the bed ruve in the middle of room no. 6. Photo: Lloyd Hotel

Wow - check this hotel

A WORKSHOP: Designer Frank Visser has made room number 15 a place where both children and adults can unfold. Photo: Lloyd Hotel

Wow - check this hotel

FULL OPENING: Notice the giga door that extends and opens the entire bathroom. Design Allard van der Hoek. Photo: Lloyd Hotel

Wow - check this hotel

MONEY FOR MONEY: Christoph Seyferth has made a lot of fun in a small, one-star room. Photo: Lloyd Hotel

Wow - check this hotel

WRITE LO: What about a bath in an authentic setting in Hotel Lloyd Amsterdam? Photo: Lloyd Hotel

Highest culture

She looks at the adventurous decor of the hotel not like an artificial turmoil, but as a rich mix of different expressions.

Unlike many other peoples, we do not fascinate our Dutch citizens with lavish food. We focus more on culture and architecture.

Suzanne Oxenaar, also with Supperclub

Oxenaar is also one of the founders of the überhippe lounge and restaurant chain Supperclub in Amsterdam.

This concept has, by the way, received publishers in several colorful cities, including San Francisco and Istanbul.

Hippest in Amsterdam

After the opening in 2003, the English newspaper Daily News Travel published the hotel and the area around this characteristic; “This area is planned by Holland’s top architects, and the hotel is one of Amsterdam’s hippest, new babes”.

Cool for us local too

– I immediately felt at home in the Lloyd Hotel, says both Amsterdam and Utrecht-based art historian Natascha Drabbe in Cultural Connections. This hotel is one of the most vital attractions in the newly developed Oosterlijk Havengebied.

Wow - check this hotel

WHAT WITH A SAUNAROM? A Finnish-style sauna belongs to. Photo: Lloyd Hotel

– For us, Hotel Lloyd with its open atmosphere is an excellent place to meet clients and colleagues. I hope Suzanne Oxenaar exports this unique hotel concept to abroad as well.

Wow - check this hotel

HIGH RIGHT: The 1918-dignified stone building has become Lloyd Hotel Amsterdam Photo: Lloyd Hotel

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Wow - check this hotel

A MEETING PLACE; UTE: Excellence in front of the entrance of Hotel Lloyd in Amsterdam. Photo: Yamandu Roos Lloyd Hotel

Wow - check this hotel

A glimpse of the past. Photo: Lloyd Hotel


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