Would you pay 30,000 for this hay?

The expensive tool trend has emerged in the United States, where handmade tools are on fashion. Manufacturers have long waiting lists.

Would you pay 30,000 for this hay?

Would you pay 30,000 for this hay?

BENCH CHISEL SET: Vowel from Bluespruce Toolworks. Price: 2700 NOK Photo: Producer

Would you pay 30,000 for this hay?

CARCASE SAW: Case of Eccentric Toolworks. Price: from 3200 NOK Photo: Producer

Would you pay 30,000 for this hay?

JOINERY TOOL SET: Vertical set with planes, saw and stem from Lie-Nielsen Toolworks. Price: 7700 NOK Photo: Producer

Would you pay 30,000 for this hay?

875 SERIES PLANE: Brøssplane Skipper Price: from NOK 11500 Photo: Producer

Would you pay 30,000 for this hay?

That’s how you’re right

Would you pay 30,000 for this hay?

How to hammer like a pro

Use of hand tools such as handles, hoists and sticks has not gone out of fashion. On the contrary, manufacturers of quality tools notice increasing demand.


Thomas Lie-Nielsen was one of the pioneers of this kind of tool in the United States.

At the beginning of the eighties he started his own production of planks in a small shed in a backyard.

Now Lie-Nielsen is one of the major manufacturers of high quality hand tools.

They now make almost all the hand tools you use on the bench, plus they have also started manufacturing the bench itself too.

Clear trend

According to an article in Fine Woodworking, the interest in exclusive handmade tools is a clear trend driven by the big children’s litters that came just after the war, which is now retiring.

They have not only a lot of free time but also good money. These are hobbysnekkers who used to have used electrical tools before, but now have their eyes caught up with expensive hand tools.

Spreads information via web forum

In the same article, one of the manufacturers tells us that he showed one of the tools he had created in a web forum. It was the start of his production of tools.

Own forums provide effective marketing with direct contact with the users, and a website easily replaces an expensive directory production.


Konrad Sauer at Sauer & Steiner Toolworks makes all the planks by hand.

He tells Fine Woodworking that he is building around forty planes a year.

He can customize the rack to fit the buyer’s hand.

The planks cost averaging around 20. 000 kroner and takes a week to make. The most expensive model costs almost 60. 000 kroner and takes three weeks to make.

Sauer says he has grown dramatically since he started. He is simply fully booked one and a half years in advance.

Cases and Pins

If you have money left after shopping bravely, you can take a look at Mike Wensloff’s case, or a star from Blue Spruce Toolworks.


Poular Woodworking


Fine Woodworking

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