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Would you like to buy this apartment?

Some people go home style chopping longer than others.

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There is no doubt that housing styling is important when you are going to put your apartment for sale.

A messy home will probably not do as well on the housing market.

Clearly it helps to clean and piss up before the apartment is to be sold. But some people drag it a little longer than others. Boa Eiendomsmegling is one of the companies that invests extra on housing styling.

Parrots and leopard dress

When they are going to sell an apartment at Frogner, it is styled with parrots and a lady in a leopard dress!

– This apartment is very different, it is located in a basement but is still very bright and open. It has high standards, charming beams, white walls and floors. I got the feeling of being in an studio when I got into the apartment. The white brick walls and wooden beams on the roof gave the feeling of being in a loft apartment on the lower floor, says Tommy Friestad.

He is an entrepreneur and broker in Boa Eiendomsmegling, the company that is responsible for the housing ad. The real estate agent even styles 98 percent of the homes he sells. Because he is the style of the home itself absolutely essential for finding the person in the market who will appreciate the unique qualities and who is willing to pay the most.

Boa Eiendomsmegling collaborates with Josefin Johansson studio. The stylists try to customize the styling expression and tailor the presentation to clearly make the unique values ​​in each home.

Must attract the right people

Boa Eiendom tries to do a thorough job with the presentation to attract the right people and create good experiences.

– I think this is value-creating, both for our sellers who want to achieve the highest possible price, but not least for our buyers looking for their dream home. The best part is when we visit our views and the buyer feels within a few minutes that “I want to live here” and that they have “come home”.

Styling is an integral part of the brokerage sales process. Seller gets a thorough review of what to do in the preparation phase before photo. This is important for clarifying the values, making it easier for the photographer and capturing the feeling in the home. Instead of trying to make everyone feel like home we sell, we want to reach the few who will love it.

– Standing out is a tool for creating engagement and increased exposure, says the broker to Click. no

Would you like to buy this apartment?

STYLING: The first sector thinks you come a long way with styling for $ 20 – 30,000. Photo: Tommy Friestad / Boa Eiendomsmegling. Styling: Josefin Johansson Studio

Important to stand out

Therefore, you should style the home

  • The first impression of the home is extremely important. Here the prospective buyer’s expectations meet the reality.
  • Styling is part of the marketing of the home that the seller can make or purchase from professional housing stylists.
  • Look at styling as the “wrapping” of the home. We do not buy items where the wrapping is torn or looks strange.
  • Having lived in a home for a long time, all rooms are characterized by personal taste, which is completely natural. However, the interior negatively impacts on the potential buyer, beyond the important first impression.
  • There are many homes for sale, competing for a crowded and messy apartment that exudes bad taste with an attractive and welcoming apartment of the same size, yes, whoever immediately appeals to the potential buyer.

Source: Gorm Kunøe, First Minister at the Department of Marketing at BI Norwegian Business School

Gorm Kunøe is the first installer at the Department of Marketing at BI Norwegian Business School and expert in the sale and marketing of housing.

He agrees that it is very important to stand out when it comes to housing styling and advertising. He thinks the example of the original Frogner apartment is excellent.

– Here you have a really sad condominium. With exciting styling in the direction of “storytelling” driver, it is more likely that people on display than if relevant buyers themselves would guess what the cellar apartment could be used for. Brilliant.

He says that it is common for brokers recommending housing styling when selling an apartment.

– Whether the customer himself engages a stylist or broker helps. Broker does not have his own stylist agency, says Gorm Kunøe.

Residential styling costs. But the first sector thinks you come a long way with styling for 20-30. 000 kroner.

Must appear brilliant

According to Gorm Kunøe, the first bid is that the property must appear as brilliant in the advertisement. Then it does not make sense to show rooms crowded with furniture no buyers would like to live in. On the walls it hangs close to posters, family photographs, childrens drawings and bad art. The interior should be neat, neutral in color choices, sparingly and should not take the attention of the rooms and their function. The way you stylize should be discreet, stylish and matching the rooms and the home.

Other bids are that the property must show the scope of the display. Remember, all senses are open when you approach a place you may be living for many years and that costs a shirt.

Review Mode

– Imagine buying with all the senses in review mode driving up against the home you have for sale, parking, going toward the front door or the recovery, calling the clock, looking at your worn door mat, going over the doorstep and continuing inside apartment.

Then these are important elements:

  • Traffic around the home
  • The noise in the neighborhood
  • Location
  • The degree of mess in the parking lot
  • The smell of the recovery
  • The first impression when the front door opens
  • Quality of “styling”
  • The quality of important things like the colors of the walls, tiles, floor coverings, bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms
  • Neighbors

site Style

Broker Tommy Friestad felt for a long time that housing brokerage in the brokerage industry was felt. The same lamp and the same bedspreads were left in many advertisements, even though the properties had a very different expression and character.

Would you like to buy this apartment?

ATLIER: The real estate agent got the feeling of being in an atlier when he entered the apartment for the first time. It gave inspiration to the housing style. Photo: Tommy Friestad / Boa Eiendomsmegling. Styling: Josefin Johansson Studio

Where housing style affects the final price, he finds it difficult to answer in general. However, styling is an important means of presenting home from its best side, it does not matter.

Would you like to buy this apartment?

PROPERTY MATTER: Tommy Friestad, Entrepreneur of Boa Eiendomsmegling Photo: Tommy Friestad / Boa Eiendomsmegling.

Would you like to buy this apartment?

MARKETING EXPERIENCE: Gorm Kunøe is the first installer at the Department of Marketing at BI Norwegian Business School. Photo: BI Norwegian Business School

– But the styling must be tailor made and adapted to the home. At the same time it must harmonize with the standard and interior decoration.

Styling bloopers

– Which styling cases should you avoid?

– Do not cover, hide or attempt to pretend that the apartment or house is something that is not, emphasizes the broker.

He thinks the focus should be on what one wants to communicate. Housing style must help to bring the quality. It must not overshadow sales and make it difficult for potential buyers to understand what is unique and valuable with the property.

– Not customizing the styling, but running the same old style whatever to sell is a pit you should not go in.

Therefore, housing style needs to be tailored to the target audience, home expression, standard, qualities and challenges.

– The homeowner must agree that the style, which means that the homeowner has understood that the taste of the property is not certain and the expression the apartment gives on photos is what can make people on display, emphasizes Gorm Kunøe.

Must hit the target audience

Both the first sector and the real estate agent believe it is important to meet the special target group that believes that they may be interested in housing.

– It’s absolutely crucial. Based on who has already lived in the area where they move from, average age and whether they are couples, single or child families will form a basis for what kind of styling and presentation we will create. If the seller has appreciated a central location, a social and open apartment where friends often come in for dinner, it is important for us to capture this in the presentation, explains Tommy Friestad.

Would you like to buy this apartment?

ORIGINAL: Parrots and ladies in leopard dresses are some of the most important ingredients in this home style. Photo: Tommy Friestad / Boa Eiendomsmegling. Styling: Josefin Johansson Studio

– All needs are segmented. That is, no apartment is for everyone. Then, styling is about adapting to the group that should be interested in highlighting exactly the values ​​this group seeks. For example, a three-room apartment on the fifth floor without elevator is not child friendly, says Gorm Kunøe.

You should do this

  • Do not go fella and believe that “all this will buy right anyway, so we’re not doing anything about it”.
  • Clean and remove excess furniture that makes your home look crowded. Create air in the rooms.
  • The walls should be sparsely furnished
  • Get visible visual error
  • Paint white walls
  • Wash and tidy

Source: Gorm Kunøe, First Minister at the Department of Marketing at BI Norwegian Business School

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