Would you have had this as a neighbor?

This is not a Sami soil, but a modern architectural design summer cottage at Farsund.

Would you have had this as a neighbor?

GLASS FLATS: Large glass surfaces release the light. Photo: Ivar Malde

Would you have had this as a neighbor?

SKJEVT: The cabin looks lean and it is planned. Photo: Ivar Malde

The cabin is part of a cabin grid on Kviljo near Farsund, and is designed by Gaia Arkitekter AS.


The four huts in the hamlet can remind little of Sami soil, and are also made so that they can be recycled in nature’s cycle without tracing.

In the twilight, cabin shelters can easily be confused with the landscape. There is little that reveals that the cabins contain all the facilities required by a modern summer cabin.

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The cabins were listed following a wish to expand the business activity at the farm at Kviljo. Farm users Øystein Malde could thus offer holiday and weekend stays in this special nature on Lista. Hyttegrenda was designed and implemented by Gaia Architects in collaboration with central and local authorities.

The cabins are planned as “building kits” and were listed by the farmer himself in 1996.

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On nature’s premises

Gaia Architects are concerned that construction activities will take place on nature’s premises and without creating irreparable tracks – neither in terrain nor in atmosphere. Therefore, the cabins are exclusively built from recyclable and degradable materials. It is also emphasized that the cabins architecture adopts the special nature of Lista.

Outerwear and roofing is Malmfuru which has remained untreated for 13 years. The wood has maintained its technical function as a skin, but has got a gray patina because the outermost layer in the wood is broken down by sunlight, weather and wind. The surface of the cabins has a soluble organic feel.


Floor planes and interiors contrast strongly with the facades, and the cabins surprise a lot when coming into them from the main entrance on the top floor.

Inside the cottages are furnished to the standard of the day, with facilities such as underfloor heating, fully equipped kitchen, TV, wood burning stove, bathroom and WC.

All pictures were taken in late January 2009, giving an impression of the climate in Norway’s southernmost area.

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