Dream house

Would you buy a dollhouse for 460,000 kroner?

It is not children that are the most eager dollhouse collectors.

Would you buy a dollhouse for 460,000 kroner?

Oh – I LOVE Dollhouse. Not such a Barbie house in plastic but decent dollhouse.

I never got a dollhouse when I was a little, maybe this suppressed missed that makes me unable to completely relinquish the childish pleasure of the small furniture and sweet cute cups.

This day I came across Hildes blogg Englemor, and saw the dollhouse she gave her little girl. Supercute! A pink dream.

Widespread hobby

After a little googling, I realized that I’m not alone in being an adult girl who likes dollhouse. Mimmi from Rogaland has it as a hobby – she has the whole ATE house!

There are, therefore, separate magazines for dollhouses, books, clubs (for example in Stavanger, check the website of Ritas miniature house for more info), online stores and forums.

Would you buy a dollhouse for 460,000 kroner?

ROSA DRØM: Hilde, who stands behind the blog Englemor, bought a nice dollhouse for her daughter. Here you will find both a sweet little make-up table and a feast on the table. Photo: Hilde

Would you buy a dollhouse for 460,000 kroner?

SMALL DETAILS: Here you can see the picture of the kitchen of one of the eight dollhouses of Mimmi. Photo: Mimmi

The world’s most expensive dollhouse

Would you buy a dollhouse for 460,000 kroner?

ON PIKEROMMET: Blogger Hilde bought this cute dollhouse for his daughter. Photo: Hilde

There are clubs and competitions too, but beware, for sometimes it can take full advantage.

The Englishman Peter Riches is an example of this. He spent 15 years building his dollhouse, with ten sleeping places, piano, snooker table and a library of over 1000 miniature books.

The palace was auctioned not long ago, to 50,000 pounds, or nearly $ 460,000.

It’s a good idea to run a house in a dollhouse rather than in the house you share with a man, a child and a cat. Perhaps better for home peace too?

However, here are some reasonable variants, if you think this may be a hobby for you.

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Would you buy a dollhouse for 460,000 kroner?

LITTLE OR BIG: Savannah dollhouse from KidKraft is big enough for Barbie dolls, while the pink dollhouse from Real toys is rocked on smaller dolls. Photo: Manufacturers

Would you buy a dollhouse for 460,000 kroner?

MINI MARKET TURKEY: Art Deco dollhouse, designed by Henry Colbert. Next to, you will see two mansion dolls from Greenleaf Dollhouses. Photo: Manufacturers

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