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Would you be fooled by fruit on display?

Swedish real estate agent goes new ways to find buyers.

Would you be fooled by fruit on display?

Would you be fooled by fruit on display?

BACKGROUND: Tomas Backman is the founder of the brokerage firm Fantastic Frank Photo: Fantastic Frank

Should you sell your home, it is not always enough to keep your kitchen clean, clean and wash the floor.

A little housing style can also help.

However, if you use the Swedish broker Fantastic Frank, you have to count on more than one orchid in the window sill and three scented candles on the coffee table. The brokerage house is known to go new ways in pursuit of buyers’ attention.

Sometimes the road goes through the fruit shop.

In this accommodation it is styled with fruits of all kinds – in the strangest places – in every room.

Effective Marketing

The purpose is not to wake up the appetite, but to wake up the appetite of the home.

– It’s about marketing. We want you to see our photos more than others, “says Tomas Backman, Entrepreneur and creative boss. no.

In Sweden, like in Norway, there are tens of thousands of homes available for sale at all times. When selling their home, it is important to capture and to keep the attention of potential stakeholders.

– Every time we do something more than standard housing styling, people look a little longer. It is positive for the seller.

Would you be fooled by fruit on display?

CLEAN ON THE BED: The location of the fruit intends to lead the eye around the room. Photo: Fantastic Frank

Would you be fooled by fruit on display?

BUCKET GROUPS: The styleists are not necessarily concerned that the styling should appear authentic. Photo: Fantastic Frank

– Is there a danger that you do not see the apartment for just fruit?

Would you be fooled by fruit on display?

Do as craftsmen when on display

Would you be fooled by fruit on display?

Be honest when you sell

– No, rather, it helps to be curious about seeing the entire apartment.

– But why exactly fruit?

– This is a big apartment, and here the fruit works as a kind of guide to where to see. Sometimes we have used sweets, sometimes we have used ice-cream flowers to create the feeling that it just played a love drama.

Highlights the due date

For Fantastic Frank, it’s not just about pointing to the positive qualities of the property. It may also be useful to highlight weak points.

Would you be fooled by fruit on display?

Do you want to sell, do it now

Would you be fooled by fruit on display?

Beautiful extras can increase house prices

Once we photographed a refurbishment object where we used plastic containers to draw attention to the fact that the floor had extensive water damage. Although the parquet was ugly, the pictures became beautiful. They had more in common with photographs you can find in a gallery than in a sales prospect.

Inspired by the advertising industry

Backman sees no doubts about using unorthodox tools for selling homes. On the contrary, he points out that it is natural for the broker to develop and try new grips.

– It’s a weird industry, which has really developed a little. The tools we use we have taken from the advertising industry where it is about being seen and remembered.

– How does the seller react to filling your apartment with fruit?

– He thinks it’s okay, there’s a pride in it. But then he is a typical “stockholmer” then.

Not everyone thinks Fantastic Frank’s styling is just as amazing.

– The typical skeptic sits elsewhere and says: “Lord, what they find in Stockholm!”. People from Swedish small towns smile and say that’s the worst they’ve seen. But that’s just good for us. There is also marketing, says Backman.

May spread to Norway

In Norway, it is probably the real estate agent Krogsveen who has used fruit most often to capture attention about housing sales. Their characteristic is a green lime that sometimes appears here and there.

However, the brokerage does not ignore other means of use in Norway as well.

– If this proves to work, it will probably spread. It is important to create a stop effect. At the same time, the grip should be perceived positively if they are to work, which depends on the target group, “says Karsten Onsrud, Sales Officer in Krogsveen.. no.

According to Onsrud, the Norwegian brokerage industry is quite cautious when it comes to styling effects, and that it would be beneficial to reconsider this field. At the same time, he warns against driving it too far.

– The most important thing is to showcase the homes. This means, among other things, that you can not cover any shortcomings.

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