Worse weather requires better maintenance

Warmer and warmer weather requires better maintenance. You must wash the house more often outside and choose paint carefully.

Worse weather requires better maintenance

House colors and mushrooms

Note that light facades are easier to get fungi and algae and look uglier than dark facades.

This is because dark facades get warmer, dries faster in the sun and provide natural protection against attacks.

In damp climates, or in places with a lot of fungal and algae attacks, dark facades are recommended.

On the other hand, if the house is exposed to a lot of sun and wind, light colors are recommended, which more easily prevent drying and possibly cracking as a result. Worth thinking about if you plan to paint the house again.

Norwegian houses must withstand increasingly tougher stresses, shows research conducted by Sintef Byggforsk.

Sintef has divided Norway into rotten zones, and the areas where houses are exposed to high eradication is growing ever larger. The coast is particularly exposed. The areas with little raid danger shrink more and more, according to Sintef. This has consequences for how we maintain our homes outside.

– The climate is warmer and humid, and pollution has increased. It affects the paint, says painter Eirik Milsem in North Sea.

The house must be washed twice a year

To counteract mushroom attacks, it is important to wash the house thoroughly a couple of times a year.

– If you live in a city, you should wash the house outside twice a year, spring and autumn. In spring, there may be an idea to wait for the worst polling season. The pollen nourishes the fungus, and for that reason you should remove the pollen from the painted flats, “Milsem says.

– When you wash the house, remove traffic dust, microorganisms and fungus spores. If we can not remove the fungus, the rooting process can start quickly, Milsem says.

For those who live outside the city center, it keeps washing the house once a year. But it must be done correctly.

Use garden hose

The paint master recommends that you use a soap intended for household washing. Spray the soap with a syringe before washing with a soft diet.

The soap is flushed away with a water hose with a little water pressure. Where there is a layering, you should flush from above and down, and where there is standing clothing, the beam should be straight on, says the painter.

Do not use high pressure cleaners to wash away soap, wood without protective paint can easily be flattened and water may penetrate the wood and damage the house. You must rinse off, do not flush .

Check the paint layer

The painter recommends homeowners to regularly check that the paint surface is full.

– When there is a hole, paint it over so that it does not need moisture underneath the paint, “says Milsem.

Be sure to scrape away paint so you do not paint moisture between paint strokes and wooden walls.

Does the house need to be painted more often?

Increased pollution and wet weather do not mean we have to paint the house more often than before. But we have to wash the house a little more often and keep the paint straight. Which paint you use also plays.

– Choosing a good quality paint keeps the paint for 10-12 years, says Milsem.

Milder winters and more precipitation have increased the frequency of surface spikes on buildings. Climate change has made the growing season longer for the microorganisms, which get good growth conditions. Still more extreme weather demands new paint products, writes Tekniske Ukeblad.

Fences exposed to rot

Wood rails and gillers are more prone to mess and need more maintenance than the house itself.

– There is paint on both sides, so if water gets into the wood, it’s almost closed, says Eirik Milsem in North Sea.


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