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Woodworking on the bathroom – pros and cons

Panels of all types of wood can be used to give a different feel.

Woodworking on the bathroom - pros and cons

Woodworking on the bathroom - pros and cons

BRUSH PANEL: Malt panel in combination with wallpaper gives the bathroom a classic expression. Photo: Espen Grønli

What’s the benefit?

  • Adds a warm, vibrant expression to the bathroom.
  • Can be painted if you want quick renewal.

What’s the disadvantage?

  • It may be difficult to attach the panel to the wall without weakening the mechanical properties of the watertight substrate.
  • Less suitable in the wet’s wet zones.
  • Organic materials are exposed to mold in wet rooms and therefore often banned by the professional environment.
  • The harder wood type, the better the suitability

What does it cost?

  • From approx. kr 300 / sqm for the actual dressing.

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