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Winter holiday for 400 kroner a day

Winter holidays can be cheap if you rent a cabin by the state.

Winter holiday for 400 kroner a day

Winter holiday for 400 kroner a day

Therefore, you should drop luxury hut

Statskog owns more than 300 cabins all over the country. 65 are available for short term rentals, and 34 of them have a standard that makes them suitable for overnight accommodation.

– Many are still available, even though we approach the winter feast. The cabins are probably not as well known among most people, says Eva Kristin Grøndal in Statskog in a press release.

Find your cabin

The cottages are spread from Troms to the Agder counties. Most have wood-burning stove and propane kitchen. Not everybody has power, while others have both solar panels and tap water.

The price is down to $ 400 a day for the most affordable. Statskog has published a complete overview of its websites.

There are no cabins along the road with all the amenities. Winter time can take both one and two hours to get to a Statskog cabin after you have left the car.

Sometimes it’s nice to do something completely different from what’s used to, and take a breath away from home. A single-family cabin can serve as a break from everyday life and be a great experience, says Grøndal.

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Terrain lures

Some Statskog cabins are more sought after than others. In Troms, for example, the newly built Leinahytta in Bardu is popular, located right by nature reserve and several fishing waters. Holmevasshytta in Sirdal in Vest Agder is another example.

– Many of the cabins are in excellent hiking terrain, or areas suitable for hunting and fishing. It increases the attractiveness, says Eva Kristin Grøndal in Statskog.


The Norwegian Tourist Association also has reasonable alternatives to cab ride this winter.

– There are still many available beds in the area of ​​Oslo’s local team, “says Sverre A. Larssen, CEO, to

In winter, you can still find a bed in a beautiful cabin for 175 kroner a night if you are a member. Children and youth are free of charge in the Tourist Association’s cabins, whether they are members. Membership costs NOK 495 for one year. At least one person in the ensuite must be a member to rent a cabin, and then non-members pay 100 kroner more and young people have to pay the price for adults.

In the Tourist Association’s cabins you have food and a sleeping bag and the facilities are simple.

Primitive Reward

Less luxury in nature does not necessarily provide less well-being than if you are surrounded by a lot of luxury, one must believe researchers. Bjørn Kaltenborn is a senior researcher at the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (NINA) and has studied how people relate to nature and use it.

– The feeling of coping is an important part of perceived quality of life. And different uses of nature give different feeling of mastering, “says Kaltenborn.

– Even trivial chores like getting to the cabin on foot, igniting the fireplace, getting water in the well, having an element of reward and mastery, says the NINA researcher.

Available Places

– Should I mention a favorite, it must be Råbjørnhytta in Romeriksåsen, which is a great starting point for many beautiful walks, says Sverre A. Larssen in the Tourist Association.

Staying at Tourist Cabins, you must count on companies from others unless you reserve all the beds for your own company.

– One of the joy is to meet other tourists, says Sverre Larssen.

Children Activities

In the winter holidays there are also arrangements for children in some of the tourist association’s places. Both in Fondsbu in Jorunheimen and Rondvassbu in Rondane there are activity leaders in the winter holidays that make arrangements for children.

By the sea

The Oslo Fjord Outdoor Council also hires cabins on the lab budget, but they are closed during the winter season.

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Sources: Newswire (Newswire is a commissioned news agency) and The Norwegian Tourist Association.

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