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Where burglaries are your home?

Think like a burglary, and you’re better off geared.

Where burglaries are your home?

Holiday time is break-in time. Vacation homes are attractive to burglars, and then it is important to have secured the home and not to signal that you are on holiday.

Much is about thinking smart and trying to get into the thief’s place.

According to Inge Gudmund Aas, leader of the taxpayer in If, it’s often so if you think about your property and try to see burglary opportunities, you will discover the same opportunities as a thief.

– Look over the house so there are no obvious opportunities to get in. The thieves choose essentially the least resistance, he says to the homeowners. no.

– We know that the homes that are well-assured are less exposed than those who, for example, do not have an alarm, says business developer for injury prevention at Tryg, Øyvind Setnes, to click. no.

Take quizzes and get an indication of where your burglarproof home is. The questions were reviewed by employees at Majorstuen Police Station, and the idea is taken from the Danish Bolignettsted Bolius. dk.

– Let the housing look inhabited

Setnes emphasizes the importance of letting the housing look inhabited.

– A crowded mailbox is a clear sign of a potential burglary that there is no home here, he says to a click. no.

– It can therefore be clever to unite with the neighbor, who makes sure to empty the mailbox, maybe also cut the lawn if it is necessary.

“Winning criminals often lead before they turn on. They are happy to go round the neighborhood to notice what houses seem to leave. Resisting this impression can therefore pay off, “the police writes on their web pages.

Where burglaries are your home?

BREAKFAST: Many are good at securing the windows of their homes, but often forget the basement window. A grid on the back can be a sensible fuse. (ILLUSTRATION PHOTO: Alexander Berg jr. )

Villas most exposed

Police Officer Terje Løvstad at Majorstuen Police Station in Oslo says that there are foreign gangs and Norwegian winning criminals who commit burglary.

– And it’s mainly single-family homes they go after, he says to click. no.

However, he can not read clear seasonal variations in his statistics.

– It may seem as if there are more breakthroughs in holiday times, but it may be because people come home for a concentrated period of time and report the burglaries at the same time.

In its investigation, Løvstad has learned that jewelry and electronics are often lost in burglary.

– In some cases they have also taken the car because they have found the car key.

Where burglaries are your home?

DO NOT DO THIS: Letting a ladder or similar stay outside the house while on holiday can be a very tempting invitation to a burglary. (ILLUSTRATION PHOTO: Alexander Berg jr. )

Important windows

Setnes says that burglars often remove the entire window by loosening the windows.

Where burglaries are your home?

TERRACE DOOR: Do not forget to remove the key in the patio door when you go on holiday. (ILLUSTRATION PHOTO: Alexander Berg jr. )

– To replace this, replace the screws with so-called one-way screws.

One-way screws are screws that can be attached to a regular screwdriver but can not be screwed out again.

Terje Løvstad says that several homeowners have made sure the lists are secured with one-way screws.

Also remember the cellar window

– Many people are good at securing the windows in a home, but often the cellar is forgotten, Løvstad expands..

– Also, be sure to remove the key in the latch on the patio door, because otherwise the burglary can only hit his hand through a broken route and unlock.

– Does not make it easier for the thief than necessary

Terje Løvstad says that they have had a few cases where the burglar has used tools that have been available around the house.

Where burglaries are your home?

INTRODUCTION TOOLS: Garden tools or tools located outside may be tempting for a burglary to use. (ILLUSTRATION PHOTO: Alexander Berg jr. )

– It’s used spades to break up doors.

– It should not be easier than necessary for a burglary, for example, to let a ladder be available at the house. Lock it or hide it, says Setnes.

Uses home ads as burglary directory

The loss of objects and the job of buying new ones will be challenging in themselves, but the many experiences are nevertheless the mental strain.

– People often return with the discomfort knowing that someone has been in the home, describes Setnes.

He says that burglars usually use home sales ads to pick up current objects.

– We also know that burglars use the results from bike rides to pick themselves out victims, assuming that those who top such lists also have costly bikes.

Do not use the living window as the display window

“Thieves look for three things: easy availability, least risk and maximum benefit,” the Huseiers National Federation writes on their webpages, giving more input on how to best secure their home from burglary.

Among other things, they are advised to remove valuables that are easily observable through the windows. “Do not use the living windows as a display window for silverware and other lightweight items. The thieves know that most of us store jewelry in the bedroom. Therefore, hide them elsewhere. Worthy items should be kept in a safe or safe when traveling away “, it says among other things the homeowners. no.

They also ask us to lock the door even when we are at home.

– And if you just go to the store, you should turn on the alarm if you have one, expands Løvstad.


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