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When Netta moved into an old factory, she decided to reinvent the industrial style – on a low budget

The sofa cost only 160 kroner. See the rest of the budget solutions here.

Getting a cool style without spending so much can be difficult.

Many want to break the code for how they can decorate without losing their wallet.

Netta Löytynoja has definitely cracked this code. Wondering how?

Student budget budget

Netta has always had the sense of industrial style, but only when she moved into the factory apartment she decided to reinvent the expression. She has littered countless flea markets and auction sites online to find furniture that creates the tough, slightly worn feeling.

Despite the fact that the style has been completed, the couple has a low budget budget.

Since they are two students in the household, Netta has many tips on how you can make big changes with small funds. For example, she has dressed the kitchen cabinets with black contact plastic she has purchased in the hardware store. The result is so nice that you will never guess how the matte black surface has become.

– Anyone who likes the industry silence should check out hardware stores. We have bought many of our new worklights there.

– One of my best purchases is the leather sofa in the living room that I got for 20 euros. The coffin in the bedroom I paid only 40 euros, says Netta.

In the living room is a real old industrial lamp that her husband has rebuilt so that it works with a regular light bulb. Also the lamp over the kitchen table is a real industrial lamp, bought on a Dutch website.

When Netta moved into an old factory, she decided to reinvent the industrial style - on a low budget

EXCELLENT MIC: There is an open solution between the kitchen and the living room. The black curves are made of recycled tires. Here, Netta stores their dog equipment. similar do you get hossolfang. no. In a corner of the living room, Netta has a work hook with a large blackboard. The chair Eames side chair uses her both here and at the kitchen table. The desk lamp is from Ikea. PHOTO: KATJA LÖSÖNEN

When Netta moved into an old factory, she decided to reinvent the industrial style - on a low budget

THE HOME: The kitchen table has the pair made by yourself. The table top in wood is painted with black, matte paint. The ceiling lamp is an old industrial lamp that Netta has bought online. PHOTO: KATJA LÖSÖNEN

Trailed Used Markets

When moving into an old factory, it is almost said that the decor must be industrial.

– Once you have chosen this style, you only have to accept that it takes a long time to find the right things. In the most intensive period, I visited all the used markets in the city at least twice a week. Then you have the chance to make a bargain, says Netta Löytynoja.

It was not love at first glance when Netta and the man Jaakko saw their future home for the first time. The apartment was located in a converted factory in the Finnish city of Vasa. It was impressive with its large windows and five feet of ceilings, but the material choices were not entirely according to the taste of the couple. A pair of walls were painted orange and the linoleum floor was green and worn.

Since we were renting, we could not do extensive refurbishment, but we had luck. The floor turned out to be so worn that the housekeeper agreed to add new. At the same time all the walls were painted white, says Netta.

When Netta moved into an old factory, she decided to reinvent the industrial style - on a low budget

DO THE SELV PROJECT: The coffin serves as a bedside table in the bedroom. Netta found it on a flea market. Bed Gavlen She has made herself of a particleboard, a little upholstery and a lintoff. PHOTO: KATJA LÖSÖNEN

When Netta moved into an old factory, she decided to reinvent the industrial style - on a low budget

STORAGE: The entrance hall stands for a single white Ikea cabinet for outerwear. The wall-mounted storage Utensilo is a design classic from Vitra. Despite the couple renting the house, they have succeeded in putting their own feel on it. PHOTO: KATJA LÖSÖNEN

Blogger inspired

She moved to Vaasa on the west coast of Finland in 2009 because her husband began studying there. Even she started her interior studio, but at the beginning she had neither a job nor a study place in her new hometown.

– Since I had such a good time, I started an interior blog. I was very inspired by incorporating our new home, and it was fun to document the process.

Before Netta started blogging she had never used a SLR camera, but she learned it quickly. Likainen parketti blog – “The dirty parquet” was soon one of Finland’s most popular interior blogs with 40,000 readers a week, many of them from other countries.

On the blog she has told about all stages of the decor. The 49 square meter apartment consists of living room and open plan kitchen plus one bedroom. Thanks to the rause ceilings there is also room for a loft in the bedroom and the extra space is primarily used for storage.

Do it yourself projects

The dining table in the kitchen consists of an old table top that has got new table legs in steel pipes – made by Netta himself.

The home-based solutions are mixed with some carefully selected design classics, such as the Eames chairs that the couple got in the wedding gift.

Living in an old factory also has its rear parts. In the winter it can get cold, with many square meters to be heated.

– I’m glad that the heating is included in the rent, laughs Netta.

Summertime, they must use blinds to keep the heat out. The big windows emit lots of light, which has been an advantage when Netta has taken pictures to the blog.

Now she has a break in photography. After having been blogging intensively for two and a half years, Netta decided that it got hold.

– I felt I had used up all my ideas. The house is after all only 49 square meters.

Finally, Netta had photographed each pot and hook many times.

– I took myself to buy things just to show them on the blog, not because I needed them. It’s really against all my principles, because I do not want to own more than I need.

When Netta moved into an old factory, she decided to reinvent the industrial style - on a low budget

ON EXHIBITION: In the bedroom are clothes and shoes that stand on the part of the decor. The open storage solution does Easy to keep track of clothes and accessories. PHOTO: KATJA LÖSÖNEN


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