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– What are they trying to distract me from?

Home stylists are constantly moving new ways to attract people.

- What are they trying to distract me from?

Many people choose to sell their homes in the fall, since it is often considered a good time for home sales. It can also be a good time if you look for a cabin on the mountain.

But there are many objects on the market and it is about catching the attention of the buyers. It is not always enough to clean the rooms and wash the floor, some styling can be well worth the time and money.

Property Styling

Home styling has become a well-known term and many prioritize some form of styling when selling their home. When any brokerage house chooses ordinary housing styling, others swear into creative home ads with fictional stories and poetry in captions.

In Sweden, some brokerages go new ways in pursuit of buyers’ attention. Fantastic Franc is concerned with marketing, and styles with fruit to stand out from the crowd.

- What are they trying to distract me from?

ARTISTIC EFFECTS: The stylist has played with color schemes and decorations. Photo: Private Broker

- What are they trying to distract me from?

FRESH FRUIT: The apples are located in all the rooms of the residence. Photo: Private Broker

Styling with fruit

- What are they trying to distract me from?

Would you be fooled by fruit on display?

In Norway, examples of creative and original ways of presenting sales items are now being seen. With a glimpse in the eye, the private broker has done as the Swedes and filled a 4-bedroom apartment on Week with green apples and autumn leaves.

An almost empty apartment should be made nice by simple means, explains Ellen Enger, interior consultant at Privatmegleren Børke & Partners AS.

– The apartment has large, good rooms that are easy to furnish visually. 30 kilos of apples and colorful autumn leaves gave us a fresh, cozy and different presentation.

– It’s not something we do daily, Kari Børke, General Manager of the Private Broker at Stabekk, explains.. But it’s fun doing something different sometimes.

Tells an adventure

- What are they trying to distract me from?

AUTUMN: The floors are decorated with colorful autumn leaves. Photo: Private Broker

Generally, several brokerage houses throw themselves on the creative wave in hopes of enticing people on display. Own real estate tells in an ad a story about the house and the property.

- What are they trying to distract me from?

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The house on Jar in Bærum, according to the ad, has an Indian forest and a sheriff office. Here’s an excerpt from the story in the ad:

“Raspberries in the freezer. The bushes take a break. The Indians, on the other hand, do not take a break, they are on raid. The playroom has become a sheriff office where the cowboy gets ready to catch bandits. But the bandits will not be caught. They want buns and soft drinks. The Sheriff’s ice-blue look gives a clear answer. Here is a noise. The last mohikans raid the little sister’s tea company. “

Original captions

The captions in the ad are also different:

The only reason to put away coffee cups and sunglasses must be to get more coffee.

Fireplace. Just have to have a fireplace. Where else would you make marshmallows?

Ad Impact Power

How would such images affect the readers of stakeholders looking for housing on Finn. no?

- What are they trying to distract me from?

EVENTLY: Photo: Screenshot: find.com

– I expect the apples to try out the other objects out there, says Erik Olson, Professor of Marketing at BI. But since the first image in the ad does not have an excessive use of apples, most people will probably continue if they are not interested in the object for other reasons, such as location, size and the like.

– But if the stakeholders notice the apples it may wake up a curiosity and lead to increased viewing of the pictures, he points out. This does not necessarily mean that it will lead to more buyers of the home. But consumers usually want to understand the reason behind what they see. For example, a possible reaction might be “what are they trying to distract me from having such unusual pictures?” And while negative thoughts do not arise, the artistic styling can actually result in disappointment at the display of the property, since it is considered normal in relation to the expectations the images have created.

Increased pageview

The professor believes that creative and artistic images will, in all likelihood, lead to increased display of the ad.

– The reason for this is that the human brain automatically sacrifices more attention to what is unusual. Since there are thousands of properties on the finn. no at all times, it can be difficult to be noticed. But I think the viewers look at the pictures to a large extent depending on what the purpose of the pictures is. Artistic images such as this may be more appropriate in a housing depicted in a home magazine, such as Bonytt, or in the showroom for a furniture store. It is less likely that the art is interpreted in a negative way, but rather viewed as something fun or creative.

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