Welcome to the Arne Korsmos villa

– Should be preserved and can be Norway’s “Eames house”, says critics. Now you have the opportunity to take a national architecture icon closer to the eye while the elite has a war of war.

Welcome to the Arne Korsmos villa

Welcome to the Arne Korsmos villa

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Welcome to the Arne Korsmos villa

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Welcome to the Arne Korsmos villa

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Welcome to the Arne Korsmos villa

This is a house

Earlier this year, Oslo was named one of the foremost architectural cities in the world, and one of those who have featured this image is Arne Korsmo. Among other things, Villa Steneresen is one of his most famous buildings.

Now his own detached house is put up for sale. It was until recently the home of his now deceased widow, the artist Grete Prytz Kittelsen.

Welcome to the Arne Korsmos villa

ART AT THE HIGH SEA: At the top of the stairs to the second floor, the housewife, painter Gunnar S. Gundersen art, right on the wall. This type of interior art is a rarity today. Photo: Sølvi dos Santos

International Renomé

It’s really about three houses in a row where Korsmo and Prytz Kittelsen’s house is the center.

The houses have drawn attention beyond the country’s borders.

– The three houses not only introduced the international principles for glass and steel architecture in Norway. They also represented a kind of manifesto for brand new, modern and flexible ways of living, “said Milan-based author and architect critic Gennaro Postiglione to Bonytt. no.

World known

Postiglione has presented the Planet Road for a large international audience in the Taschen book “One hundred houses for one hundred architects”.

– Functionalist Arne Korsmo was a professor at SHKS and Professor at NTH in Trondheim and his most famous homes in addition to the Planet Road are Villa Damman (1930) and Villa Stenersen (1937), Postiglione says..

The original interior of 1954 is intact

Here you can see how the original hall and kitchen interior is pietously preserved for the future. Here are the open zones that glide over each other. However, with sliding doors, several of the rooms can be separated from each other if necessary.

Welcome to the Arne Korsmos villa

PROMOTION: Arne Korsmo (1900-1968), Norway’s Great Cosmopolitan Architect. Photo: National Museum

Right on

You come straight into this hall, without a regular hallway or porch. To the left the liftable, motorized steel staircase in the living room. Kitchen walls of untreated mahogany.

Hidden Devices

The kitchen has built-in sliding doors, including space for washing machines and refrigerators.

Welcome to the Arne Korsmos villa

SOBERT MODERNE: The wall of the living room consists of a series of high wall panels, and they can be reversed so that images and glass can have a different colored background – f. eg black. Legendary silver and enamel works signed Grete Prytz Kittelsen on the shelves. Photo: Sølvi dos Santos

Unique art adorns the house

On the top of the stairs to the second floor and on free standing panels in the garden, the painter, the housewife Gunnar S. Gundersen’s great paintings, carefully adapted to the modern architecture of the house.

A meeting place for “The Big Three”

Welcome to the Arne Korsmos villa

CROSS MODERNISM: From the living room you go three steps up to the hall and kitchen. Large overhead panels in the ceiling and mahogany on the walls. Right from the start in 1954, this house had heaters in all floors. The “Plywood” chair is a memory of a stay married couple Prytz / Korsmo had in Charles and Ray Eames home in California. Photo: Sølvi dos Santos

This exciting house was also frequented by the great architects in the Nordic region. Here came both Jørn Utzon, the man behind Sidney’s world-famous opera and the Finnish star architect Alvar Aalto gladly visited.

Transparent exterior walls

Throughout the bookshelf, you know how the special facade facing the road is made of translucent thermolux type glass slabs. This was advanced in 1954, and this is a rare sight even today.

The planetary road is thought to be so special that the facility is difficult to imitate, and many think it is as relevant today as when the homes were new sixty years ago.

An advanced piece of architecture

Welcome to the Arne Korsmos villa

FURNISHED WITHOUT: With the bright red B&B Italia sofa with height adjustable backs and eighty-eight pillows, the living room could be furnished in a variety of ways.. Sky in oregon pine. Should the whole room be cleaned for a party or dance, just lift the steel ladder to the right. Photo: Sølvi dos Santos

– We received a permit to set up these houses as an experimental house, said the last owner of the house, silversmith and designer Grete Prytz Kittelsen to Bonytt in 2002.

– I have experienced the residence as quite natural and good to live in. A little unconventional, it may be that you come straight into the house without a windmill to the street.

The planetary route is

Head of department Morten Stige at Byantikvaren recently informed Aftenposten that the final decision of the planet’s roadmap is likely to be one year ahead.

– The decision will also be submitted to the Riksantivaren, who will get the final word, he says.

Welcome to the Arne Korsmos villa

FULL IMPACT: The slick, liftable staircase is also an important, flexible element in the interior. The back wall of glass is the facade facing the street. Photo: Sølvi dos Santos

Looks strictly on pillows and paintings

– The pillows and paintings are probably the things we look the strictest regarding the interior. But we have not so far set the final framework for this, “says Morten Stige.

Creates debate

However, the sale of the Korsmo villa has created debate. In a post in Aftenposten, Director of Norsk Form Andreas Vaa Bermann and Program Manager in Norsk Form Karianne Bjellås Gilje spoke to the word for a conservation of Planetveien 12.

– See abroad, they say two and how to manage the legacy of central, modernist designers in Denmark, Finland and the United States.. They especially emphasize the way the foundation managing “Eames House”, the home of the designer couple Charles and Ray Eames in California, performs the conservation and dissemination work of the house on.

– Planetveien 12 has the opportunity to become Norway’s “Eames House”, the two representatives of Norsk Form.

Both live and maintain

There are many ways to organize the preservation of historically important architectural beads. One of them is that dedicated people buy and even live in the house.

It’s nice to live in a conserved, functionalist architectural house, says architect Stein Halvorsen who owns and lives in the peaceful Villa Schreiner. A house like Sverre Fehn designed in 1963.

– You do not have to worry about doing anything in the interior. Everything is alright. There is one reason why the house was consecrated with inhabitants and gardens. I do not have to do anything anymore.

Welcome to the Arne Korsmos villa

THE HOUSE’S MEKANO: Creating the greatest freedom in the division of rooms and zones in and around the houses was the main idea behind the homes in Planetveien. Here, homework and work should be united in an efficient and stylish way. This resulted in a number of neat, flexible interior solutions. Photo: Drawing: Arne Korsmo

And the same goes for Planet Road. And all original elements, including the eighty-five, colored cushions that characterize the living room are very important for the interior architecture of this groundbreaking project, says Halvorsen to the

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