We have tested rechargeable jigsaws for professional use

The best cuts almost three times faster than the slowest

We have tested rechargeable jigsaws for professional use

About the Test:

The cases have only been tested in different wood materials. Structural work, sheet metal and planks in hardwoods. All cases have been tested with the same type of leaf. We also measured cutting speed. Here, all the cases are set to the most aggressive setting, then we have cut a 48 x 148 and measured how long the case is using.

The test was performed by our tool expert: Kenneth Lesterberg. He is a bass and carpenter, and works at Veidekke department Follo.

The stitch case is first and foremost unmatched when cutting curves and quick cut. With a quick blade change you can cut almost any material. From worktops in oak to ceramic tiles and steel plates. New and powerful batteries have also made rechargeable cases more relevant than ever.


All the cases in this test are 18V and we have brought cases from all major manufacturers and we have ended up with nine cases in this test. Cases with buckle and bar handle are tested together.

Test Criteria

A good jigsaw must have a solid and well-designed facility. It must be 100% rigid, easy to set at different angles, and it must be easy to read the grades. It’s also important with removable protection so the case does not scratch when to cut into the expensive countertop.

The case must have a good grip so that you do not get tired of the wrist when the case is pushed forward. All switches must also be positioned so that you reach them, preferably without changing grips. It must be easy to swap leaves and the mechanism must keep the sheet intact.

During the sawdust you must have a good line of sight for the blade and the line, and the case must blow away the sawdust if you wish.

The case must be cut easily and effortlessly, and you should be able to sag soon when the case is set in its most aggressive mode. Likewise, it must be clear, straight cut when cutting curves in thick materials.

We also say a bit about building quality, but here it should be emphasized that this is not a long-term test. Here we have considered material selection and quality of components.

Most cases come with some kind of enhancement, and this is the useful variety we’ve given plus for it.

Ready wins

The Festool case points out as a clear winner in this test. It comes with a suitcase full of smart accessories that greatly expands the scope of this case. The case also classifies the others when it comes to cutting speed. Almost three times faster than the slowest in the test. At the same time it can deliver superb cuts when needed.

One piece under Festool, there are several cases of 4 points. This is the case with quite different characteristics. From the compact and handy Bosch case, to the great case from Milwaukee, with a long service life and a lot of effort.


All cases are awarded points from one to six where six are best. Price is not included in the review.

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