We have tested grinding machines

Some of these work quite poorly, see which ones you should buy

We have tested grinding machines

In short:

About the Test

Trond Meyer is our expert in this test. He is a trained carpenter and construction technician and works as a carpenter at Svenneby Sag. The pros are tested over a period of three weeks.

The hobby machines have gone through a simpler test scheme.

All machines have been tested with the same type of grinding paper, 60 and 120 grain.

After testing power and dust, we have made pieces of veneer, one for each machine. The plate and the dust bin have then become weighed. Then we have shipped the disc with full power for three minutes. The disc and collector has then been weighed again to find out how much material has been discarded and how much dust has been caught.

On the machines equipped with a textile bag it should be said that it was difficult to get good results on the dust. Here it is difficult to get everything close, which gives great variations in the results. Therefore, we have not used these data in the score.

After we tested the sanding results, we have sanded a surface and brushed the surface with fine ashes. It’s easier to see any scratches and patterns.

All machines are rated on a scale from one to six where six are best. Price is not included in the review.

We have tested small, handy grinding machines. All are eccentric grinders with 125 mm diameter on the grinding paper. The hobby machines are in price range from around 1000 kroner and downwards. The professional machine costs from 1500 and down.

Test winners are

The professional machines have an engine power of around 300 watts. The hobby machines range from 230 to 400 watts.

Trond Meyer is our expert in this test. He is a trained carpenter and construction technician and works as a joke at Svenneby Sag.

Easy control

Ease of use and efficiency are the two criteria we have emphasized most. The machines should be easy to control even if you put pressure on them, with little vibration and good grip. Compact with low weight and high power is of course the ideal machine in such a test.

Easy operation means that all switches should be comfortable to use and they should ideally be operated with one hand. The dust collector should be easy to drain and you should connect the vacuum cleaner, it must be possible to do it without excessive tampering.

A rotary grinder is effective, but you will struggle to get a clean surface. A machine that only vibrates gives a nice result, but is not very effective.

An eccentric sliper retrieves the best of two worlds. They both vibrate and rotate. This means efficient grinding with a very good result. Not perfect, according to our expert, but good enough for most tasks.

Big differences

Once we have measured the effectiveness of this test, we have found significant differences, while the actual grinding result has been almost the same. Here we simply failed to find big enough differences, so we have left it.

It is also unlike how the different machines handle dust. The best ones have a completed setup with a cartridge fitted with a filter.

This means that you can do less grinding jobs inside without damaging your surroundings. In the simpler variants there is only a textile bag.

Dust bags only take a little

They only catch some of the dust, and the finest and most harmful blows right through. Here, in our opinion, you can connect the vacuum cleaner to work indoors.

We have also considered building quality. This is not a long-term test, but there are some indicators as to whether the machine will have a long service life:

  • Are there any errors that indicate bad or lack of storage?
  • Are proper materials used and is the plastic of a quality that makes the machine rotationally stable and solid?
  • Is the machine protected against noise pollution around switches?


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