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We have tested chairs

Two of Bonytt’s journalists show you what to look for when buying a chair for the dining table.

We have tested chairs

Niklas Hart and Siv Kerstin Bakke, both journalists in Bonytt, have seen and tested a lot of chairs. Now they have found their favorite and tell you why exactly it is best.

See the pride test in the video above.

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Eight pride tips

  • Plastic chairs can also be used outdoors – smart if you have a small apartment with a balcony.
  • Chairs can sometimes be taken and washed, an advantage if you live with children or have frequent dinners with a lot of red wine.
  • Armrests can be salvaging but are also bulky.
  • Stacking chairs are never a drawback. Have four chairs promote everyday and place the rest in the pot.
  • Variety. The most important thing a dining chair can offer is the ability to vary sitting position, thus avoiding stiffening in the same position.
  • Where the chair presses. Try to find out if the pressure on the body works evenly or concentrated. If the pressure is limited to a small part of the back or back, the chair will feel uncomfortable over time.
  • Quality pays off in the long run. Once you’ve checked that the chair works solid and well-worked and will last far into the future, you should ask yourself: Will I like this chair far into the future?
  • Mix’n match. It is not mandatory to buy a complete piece of furniture. Assembling a dining room of different chairs can also provide an exciting and unique result.

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Niklas’ favorite: Panton chair

Design: Verner Panton

Manufacturer: Vitra

Price: kr 2100, Vitra

Siv’s favorite: Scandia Jr.

Design: Hans Brattrud

Manufacturer: Fjordfiesta

Price: kr 3565, Pur Norsk

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We have tested chairs

Panton chair and Scandia Jr. Photo: Frode Larsen

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