“We had to make room where it did not exist

Mini-house on minitomt. Check what the architects were inspired by.

"We had to make room where it did not exist

There is no shortage of smart solutions when it comes to staying smart in a small place in a country like Japan, where millions of people will live tight in already over-populated cities. Here, one must think in every way, whether it is to build in the height of super-slim plots, or to make room for trees and shrubs inside the wall as space is missing for a traditional garden.

And smart solutions were definitely a necessity when this couple was allowed to buy a deserted plot on the edge of a public park in the metropolis of Yokohama City.

Created space where it did not exist

According to the design and architecture site Designboom, this mini-house, with its clever and functional solutions, is a prime example of the Compact Living phenomenon, which refers to the idea of ​​creating precious square meters where you did not think they existed basically.

– The plot was the first challenge, explains architect Kohei Iwasaki at Eana to Designboom.

For this, it was allowed to buy a fragment of the outskirts of a park where they planned to build their new home. The plot was not only small but also enclosed between the park, a parking lot and also other residential buildings. In addition, the plot was very open and thus exposed to complete insight.

"We had to make room where it did not exist

UTILIZED VOLUME: There were not so many square meters available in this home, so you had to use volume instead. Photo: koichi torimura

"We had to make room where it did not exist

EASY: The architects were influenced by the “less is more” principle when they designed this residence. Photo: koichi torimura

Built for future needs

"We had to make room where it did not exist

– We had to execute an exorcism on the trees

According to Trendhunter Trendhunter, the young couple had a great wish when they came to the architects at EANA with the task of drawing them a house on their newly purchased plot: The house had to be drawn in view of how the couple hoped and wanted to live in the future , especially considering that there should be room for children in the house.

– When the plot was not big, we had to think upwards, Iwasaki explains.

– So the tree-lined tree stretches three floors in height and is organized internally in a way that will be as practical as the couple decides to be ready for children.

Get square meters, smart room solutions

Clean lines and bright colors dominate the house, as architects admit they found inspiration in a milk carton.

– To utilize the volume of the house, we had to think about space solutions and space utilization in a sophisticated and unique way, explains architect Tota Abe at EANA to the website.

"We had to make room where it did not exist

NAKENT: When you decorate on as few squares as here, it will no doubt give more room feeling to keep the interior stripped of decor and nips. Photo: koichi torimura

"We had to make room where it did not exist

USED LIGHT: Large windows fill the home with daylight. Smart sunshade allows you to control the amount of light emitted by yourself. Photo: koichi torimura

– And not least, use the “less is more” philosophy, both when it came to color selection, furniture and design of the house.

"We had to make room where it did not exist

This became a luxury residence

Used both views and daylight

According to architects, the house is a good example of modern and sustainable architecture. Large windows release the maximum of available daylight, which provides both light and natural warming of the small house.

– The simple facade of the house complements the open interior, explains Abe.

– And the use of materials such as wood, glass and stone is done with the intention of reflecting the landscape in the most complete way.

Dropped floors in favor of levels

In order to make the most of the walls of large open windows, the solution in the small dwelling became the drop of defined floors, rather dividing the volume up into half-floors and levels.

"We had to make room where it did not exist

ETASJE-SOL: Instead of traditional floors, you have used different levels up the building in this building. Photo: koichi torimura

"We had to make room where it did not exist

TAKERRASSE: At the top of the house, the architects have accommodated a small, practical roof terrace. Here the family enjoys a sunny afternoon. Photo: koichi torimura

"We had to make room where it did not exist

EXTRACT TO THE TERRACE: Via a smart staircase in the middle of the main room, you get up and out to the terrace. Photo: koichi torimura

“Getting into the view and the surroundings through big windows was a priority,” explains Iwasaki.

"We had to make room where it did not exist

Check out the ingenious solutions

Now the family can enjoy the view of both the park on one side and the residential area on the other.

The volume of the inside of the house, the air and the open solutions in terms of floors and levels, makes the effect of the surroundings even bigger.

The rooms, or zones, are divided in a way that will make the house comfortable to stay in, explains the architect.

– And there is no doubt that both the level and view outside the windows make this house feel bigger than it really is.

On the ground level of the house, where you enter, you will find a laundry room, two bedrooms and one time. Furthermore, you move up to the second floor, which is the social heart of the home.

– Here is the kitchen, living and dining area, explains Iwasaki.

– The ceiling height of this room is 4 meters long, and the room is filled with light from the large window that is walled into the wall.

"We had to make room where it did not exist

EAT PLASS: The family had a wish for a proper dining area – and they were fulfilled. Photo: koichi torimura

"We had to make room where it did not exist

LIGHT FROM OVEN: The wind that stretches over the wall where the roof terrace is, releases both practical light during the daytime and a softer and more romantic light at night and night. Photo: FOTO: koichi torimura

A thin metal staircase connects this room with the messenger on the third floor, where you find the roof terrace.

"We had to make room where it did not exist

Yes, somebody lives here

– Here the family can enjoy both views and nightlife, which was important as it was not possible to accommodate a traditional garden or patio on the small plot, explains the architect.

– We even feel that a flexible approach to planning, like this, ultimately became the most functional and, not least, the best of this couple, who wanted a home where they would have room to create a family.

Here you will find inspiration for the interior at home

Water tower was a nice family home

"We had to make room where it did not exist

INTRODUCED IN LEVELS: Sik does the house work. Photo: Illustration: EANA

"We had to make room where it did not exist

MINITOMT: This was the place for this house. Photo: Illustration: EANA

Declined church became designer house


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