“We found bowel bacteria at the bottom of women’s handbags

13 things you forget to wash.

"We found bowel bacteria at the bottom of women's handbags

Do you hold on the traditions of Friday’s washing? And what about spring cleaning? Few things are as delicious as the feeling of sinking down the couch and knowing that the house is neat and, not least, clean.

However, according to the online newspaper Huffington Post, you may be popping yourself over the shoulder over well done work and solid effort. Indeed, there are a lot of things we overlook and forget to include in the list as we wash through the house.

Here’s the thing you forget to wash:

1. Garbage pail

Well, we have bags in the garbage bin that we regularly take out and empty, but how often do you remember to wash the actual spade? Here, household waste – and then often leftovers – often comes into contact with the spread as well, and bacteria can both grow and spread.

– It’s best to take the bucket out and take care of your hose, suggest the online newspaper.

– Remember to flush and clean both the inside and outside of the bucket.

Charlotte Sagvik at CityMaid Home Services in Oslo agrees.

– Yes, many forget to wash the garbage bin themselves, and there is no doubt that it will be dirty, Sagvik explains to Click Housing..

– An option to flush the buckets out is to do it in the bathtub at home. It is also useful to wipe once upon a time with such antibacterial wipes, so you are sure that you have removed bacteria that may be in and out of the spine.

"We found bowel bacteria at the bottom of women's handbags

EYE: How often do you wash under the fridge? Photo: Trine Jensen

2. Toothbrush holder

"We found bowel bacteria at the bottom of women's handbags

You do not have to clean the micro

The smallest of us may think the mug is getting particularly delicate, but it’s just what Huffington Post can do if you do not mind cleaning your toothbrush holder occasionally.

– Mug has excellent growth conditions where it’s hot and humid, as in the bathroom, explains the online newspaper.

– The toothbrush holder gets water every day and is rarely wiped off. That’s how bacteria become.

3. Light switches

It’s amazing so many things our fingers are in touch with every single day. And the fact is that not everyone in a family is as close to this with hand hygiene, something that may be especially noticeable if you live with children.

– We turn on and off the light switches every day, explains the site.

– Certainly several times a day.

Try to think where your hands were before you decided to turn the light on or off.

– Clean the light switches regularly, the online newspaper is available.

– Use a microfiber cloth and a mild detergent and rub over these far more often than you do today.

4. Your bank card

Just like your mobile phone, if you’re like most people today, you’ll take your bank card several times during the day. With hands that may not have been there and then, in the queue at the convenience store, in the parking garage, at the mall, have not seen either soap or water for a while.

– Banking and credit cards are a great place for bacteria to break out, explains online newspaper.

– Clean them from time to time simply using an antibacterial wipes.

5. Turned off in the kitchen sink

"We found bowel bacteria at the bottom of women's handbags

WHITE Wares: Do you forget to wash under these? Photo: Trine Jensen

You may think that this is not bad, because it rinses it through water several times during the day? Error.

"We found bowel bacteria at the bottom of women's handbags

Old towels become new

– Many empty food leftovers when they scrape off the dishes after use, explains Sagvik.

– This goes without saying that it can cause bacteria to quickly start kissing down there. So here it is important to clean very often, I will claim daily.

A trick can be to wash the entire kitchen sink thoroughly and, as a conclusion, allow the water to drain a little before squeezing two half lemons over the sink.

– Let the juice and water drain down, explains the website Apartment Therapy.

– This will dissolve grease and dirt and will make the laundry smell good.

6. Door

– Many sins here, Sagvik explains.

– And it’s often disgusting how dirty these really are.

Keep in mind that many people are taking door handles in public restrooms or at restaurants. But how careful do you really wash the handles you have at home?

– Handles and knots can hide lots of dirt and bacteria that you forget to remember is there, Malin Skaar at Lilleborg Consumer Service has previously stated to Bonytt. no.

– Remember how to move through the house and what you really do during the day. In the kitchen, for example, where you can store raw materials and meat, and you almost do not think about drawer handles or the fridge handle. And in that way bacteria can spread.

Sagvik believes it must be used to taking care of them regularly, as well as for the Friday dishes, and more often in the kitchen and bathrooms.

7. Under the white goods

Yes, we dry up and down the front of these, but how many people remember to wash under the white goods? Matsøl, crumbs and dust can accumulate under a special refrigerator and stove, so you should remember to wash a little more often than many do.

– Make a habit of washing here at least 2 times a year, preferably 4, Sagvik explains..

– You can actually prolong the life of your white goods.

8. Blinds

Here you get lots of dust, no matter what room you have a blinds in. Use the dust and wipe over with a damp microfiber cloth at least every other time, Huffington Post.

"We found bowel bacteria at the bottom of women's handbags

REMOVED: Many people are good at washing the house regularly, but not everything is on the sink. Photo: Trine Jensen

"We found bowel bacteria at the bottom of women's handbags

EVERYTHING: Many hands take in the door handle every day, but how often do you wash here? Photo: Trine Jensen

9. Mobile

"We found bowel bacteria at the bottom of women's handbags

The trick you just have to try

Here you have a real bacterial bomb, but the experts agree. Not only does Ikea have a recent survey conducted by many of us fooling the smartphones when doing anything but just imagine how many surfaces you put on your phone during a day and how many times you take your phone without to be completely clean on your hands.

Professor of Nursing Hygiene and Infection at Ullevål University Hospital, Bjørg Marit Andersen, also believes that many can benefit from cleaning the cellphone a little more often.

– Mobile phones usually have good marks for bacteria, and may be too pure “infection bombs” to rain, Andersen explains to Click Housing.

– Therefore, take a routine to wipe these with a liquor cloth regularly.

10. Your handbag

According to the ABC News website, the average woman’s handbag is actually so full of bacteria as it can make you sick.

Women rarely go anywhere without their handbags, which means that when a woman walks into a place where it is a bacteria, her handbag also does it, explains the site.

– It could potentially mean that she is pulling around microbes and bacteria that could end up making her sick.

Microbiologist Chuck Gerba examined women’s handbags for the site, concluding that the bottom of the bag, both inside and out, is full of bacteria.

– We found bowel bacteria commonly found on the floor of public toilets at the bottom of women’s handbags.

Gerba demonstrated to the site the number of bacteria he found on different women’s bags, and the number ranged from nasty to simply harmful to health.

"We found bowel bacteria at the bottom of women's handbags

BAKERIEBOMBE: Did you know your handbag is full of bacteria that can make you sick? Photo: Trine Jensen

"We found bowel bacteria at the bottom of women's handbags

DO YOU LIKE THEM WHEN YOU WORK? Many hands turn on and off the light within a week. Photo: Trine Jensen

11. Remote Control

"We found bowel bacteria at the bottom of women's handbags

No, stainless steel need not be stained

Like door handles and mobile phones, many of the members of the house also take on the remote control up to several times a day. And if you eat in front of the TV, it’s even worse with this one. Make it a habit to give this a treat with a liquorice weekly.

13. Chopping board

According to the Interior and Household Site, Bright Nest, it can hide over 200 times more bacteria on your cutting edge than it does.

– Often, cleaning is the place you think is the most dirty, but you forget to clean elsewhere, or simply shift it to the next full blast, explains the site..

In a study of 30 different surfaces in 22 homes, the site revealed that the vast majority of cuttings hide more bacteria than was found on both the toilet and also the water faucets in the bathroom.

– In fact, many of the foxes had test results that would reveal bacteria that could cause serious food poisoning, and many tested positive for staphylococcal bacteria, warns Bright Nest.

Sagvik also keeps a button on cleaning the shear fire, and believes that doing this is the most effective by hand..

– Do not put a slice of wood in the dishwasher, then it may burst. Then wash it in warm and warm water and use some detergent.

"We found bowel bacteria at the bottom of women's handbags

MORE BAKERIES THAN DORING: How often do you give the cutting fox a round of soap and water? Photo: Trine Jensen


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