We fixed this crack with the iron

Do not worry about chopping in the floor. It’s just finding the iron.

We fixed this crack with the iron

There are few things that are so frustrating as to discover that the beautiful wooden or parquet floor has got scratches and notches. But it happens, almost how careful you are. For soccer shoes and high heels, or train lanes and play cars, it’s unfortunately often not much before the wooden floor has been exposed to visible damage..

But before you shave out the kids or the neighboring fellow as stepped into the stilet heater the night beforehand, you should bring this trick, which is said to be able to straighten the marks in the wooden floor in a quick and, not least, reasonable way.

Wet cloth and iron

It is the American Interior and Design website, Apartment Therapy who has suggested that the laws will help you with small chop and rip damage in the floor. And complicated, the council can not be said to be. For all you need according to the site, it’s an iron and a wet cloth.

We fixed this crack with the iron

TRY THIS TRICK: How to get rid of this crack. Photo: Trine Jensen

Works best on untreated wood

We fixed this crack with the iron

Now the parquet floor has one pole

According to Apartment Therapy, it is certainly most effective to use this method on untreated wood.

– Unfortunately, most wood floors or wooden furniture in our homes today are treated with some kind of surface treatment, explains the site.

– Some types of wood treated will use this trick, but it depends entirely on what is used to seal and surface the wood.

TIP: Some types of woodwork can become whitish in color when exposed to vapor. Therefore, it may be worthwhile to try a small visible spot on the floor before doing the same thing on the actual rip or chopped in the floor.

Thomas Orskaug at the Institute of Tritonics agrees.

We fixed this crack with the iron

ANOTHER CLUTCH: This puts you on top of the crack or chopped. Photo: Trine Jensen

– This technique may be used on untreated floors, but I would be a little careful about floors that have been painted or surface treated otherwise, explains Orskaug to Click Housing.

We fixed this crack with the iron

How to add solid-solid self

– Heat in combination with moisture, as you get with iron, could put marks on the surface treatment.

Orskaug explains that it is a more or less known trick that you can remove chop in untreated furubord using a cloth of warm water.

– The steam iron will create the same effect, just even stronger.

How to do

Apartment Therapy also first tested the theory of an Ikea table in untreated wood.

– Although it is said that this technique basically works better on newer notches and tags, we tried this on a table where the brands had been there for quite some time already, explains the site.


1. Moisten the rip or chopped

2. Put on a damp cloth or papercloth

3. Screw the iron to the highest setting and iron over the damp cloth in circular motion. Be careful not to keep the iron silent in the same position as you can burn both the cloth and the surface on the table. Be sure to use a lot of steam. Do this for a few minutes and check the results sometimes along the way. 3-5 minutes should last.

Solid wood flooring

Using the same procedure as above, the method was also tested on solid wood flooring. Some shreds and a few deeper chin were checked for if they responded in the same way as when using the method on untreated wood.

We fixed this crack with the iron

STRUCTURE: Use a lot of steam when ironing over the crack. Photo: Trine Jensen

Result: Both scratches and scratches were almost gone, which shows that the method is also effective on floors and surfaces that have been treated. But it was no problem at all, as it could be a little damage to the surface itself, ie the paint.

We fixed this crack with the iron

You’ve heard about the toothpick trimmer?

– If you know exactly what type of surface treatment that is on your floor, it will probably pay off for such treatment to shred the area and reload, explains the site.

Effective on small notches

Sigurd Eide at the Institute of Tritonic Studies also believes that the method can be effective to use, especially if it’s only a matter of less hack or scratch.

– The old trick of taking warm water on a piece of paper and scratching is actually going to work, confirms Eide to Click Housing..

– This will allow the tree to expand and thus close the chin. But I would probably assume that the method is more efficient at less chop than it will be on injuries that are big and deep.

Trelim and sparkle

If the heels or damage to the floor is of a slightly larger and more visible battle, Eide recommends a method involving wood and sparkle.

This is also not so complicated, but actually quite effective, confirms the expert.

We fixed this crack with the iron

BEFORE: The speech was both deep and visible. Photo: Trine Jensen

– The method works on both small and even larger notches, and consists in short of having a little wood in the chin or recess in the floor, and then pull over with a sparkle to level out.

We fixed this crack with the iron

Tab to wash parquet

Eide explains that even if needed, if the chin is very deep, you can use wood chalk mixed with some fine sawdust.

– A sparkle preferably in plastic is alfa omega in repairs, “explains Eide.

– This is used to smooth out. It’s also best to even out the sparkling mass just right away. Then you close the chin without destroying any of the material around.

Eide points out that it’s a goal to get the job done as quickly as possible.

– If you wait until the flask is dried, then brushing with sandpaper, using sandpaper will give a different surface texture than planed surface, “explains the expert..

– This will seem and can be more damaging than the actual chopped, especially for untreated wood. For treated woodwork, please treat the brushed surface again after brushing.

Smelt wax makes up the scratches

Roger Bergman at ABS Parkettgruppen Norge AS has also heard of how steam should be an effective aid in straightening wood and scratches, but believe there are other methods that guarantee you a better and more lasting result.

– It seems that iron on some surfaces is good, and steaming is as before known, but not everything works, Bergman explains to Klik Bolig.

– What we use today in the parquet floor, which is both efficient and easy to use, is a smelt wax.

We fixed this crack with the iron

AFTER: The simple trick keeps a good goal when it comes to sealing the crack in the floor. Photo: Trine Jensen

Melting wax, which acts as a kind of make-up for floor and wood, is available to buy in many different colors, so it’s possible to find one that fits your floor.

The procedure is simple.

– You warm up a stern with a burner, put the sticks on the iron and let the liquid adult drip down at the damage site, Bergman explains..

– Hold the stem at a 15-40 degree angle to the ground. Adult grows hard when it cures, and you need to remove the excess with a scraper or steel wool.

Eide agrees that this is probably the most effective method of getting rid of hack and minor injuries.

– These makeup sets are like a sealant used for repairs. These are available in different colors and you can get an almost invisible repair.

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We fixed this crack with the iron

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