Water leakage gave total transformation

When they got a water leak they chose to completely renovate the bathroom.

Water leakage gave total transformation

Water leakage gave total transformation

The dream bath is in an old barn

Water leakage gave total transformation

How to build where you want

Water leakage gave total transformation

New bath without tubing

An unfortunate water leak led to a total change of the bath to the family Dønnem Halvorsen.

– We had not really planned to clean the bathroom yet, says cottage owner Anne-Bet Dønnem.

– But when we discovered that there had been moisture into the beamed bed under the floor, there was no way back. We had to tear away a part of both the wall and the floor.

Priority floor space in the bathroom

The cottage is a heritage house in the Swiss style from 1910. Anne-Bet’s in-law parents built the bathroom in a cot under the slope almost 40 years ago.

– Parts of the cabin are in original style, something from the 70’s, while kitchen and hallway have been refurbished in recent years, explains Anne-Bet.

– The interior is therefore a blissful mix of old and new. Although the 70’s can be charming, we saw this as a good opportunity to brush the bathroom the way we wanted it.

The family decided to prioritize floor space, and would therefore replace the bathtub with a shower. The sink and the toilet could be in the same place as before.

Panel on the bathroom walls

The entire bathroom has been completely renovated. To find inspiration, Anne-Bet and the man Per looked at magazines and shops for different solutions, tiles and colors. It was important that the bathroom was in style to the old house.

– We think panel walls fit well. Otherwise, we wanted the interior to be quite bright and discreet with blue as an extra color. The cottage is located near the sea, and by adding blue we have received a maritime atmosphere in the room.

Anne-Bet’s wall cabinet is inherited by his father’s uncle.

– It was darkened and has just been standing in the outhouse. I put glass in it and painted it white to break a bit with the beige walls. Although old things are good to keep as they are, I sometimes think it might be good to freshen them up so that they are actually used.

Water leakage gave total transformation

BRUNT AND GREEN: The old bathroom had tiles in beige, green and brown. The floor had dark brown vinyl coatings and the ceiling was coated with white white plates. Photo: Per Erik Jæger

Water leakage gave total transformation

MARITIMT: Light beige, white and blue are the consistent colors of the newly refurbished bathroom. Photo: Per Erik Jæger

Water leakage gave total transformation

MARITIM DUSJ: The new shower enclosure uses wet room wall panels and a glass wall that can swing in against the wall when the shower is not in use. Photo: Per Erik Hunter and Private

Big difference

Anne-Bet is very pleased with the final result. Both children, especially Johannes, who are interested in interior design, seem to have been very nice.

– We have spent a long time renovating, also because it’s a small piece to go out here. Although it does not always get quite as you plan, we think the result is terrific.

It’s exciting to brush up when there are so many great materials. Not least, there is a lot to choose from within lighting, which gives a lot of the atmosphere in an interior.

This cost the bath

For 250. 000 kroner the room was completely renovated.

This includes new plumbing, water heater, craftsmen, furniture and paint.

Water leakage gave total transformation

BLE LYSERE: The new bathroom is bright with white, beige and gray details. The servant from Tjersland & Co is in marble and has the same shape as an old-fashioned sink. The kitchen cabinets from Kvik have blue-flowered porcelain nuts from Home & Cottage. Blue towels and flower pot are from Lexington, gray towel and lanterns are from Jotex. Photo: Per Erik Jæger

Water leakage gave total transformation

LIGHT PANEL WEIGHT: The walls in the bathroom are in the style of the old house, and the skylight is now coming in. good with light. Braided basket fits perfectly with blue, beige and gray. Skittentøyposen (in the chair) and the telephones are from Lexington, Missoni bath mat, light towel and soap from Jotex. Photo: Per Erik Jæger

Water leakage gave total transformation

BEAUTIFUL CREATURE: The white painted cabinet provides plenty of space for storage of bathroom amenities. Creams and perfumes are from L’Occitane, bowl from Iittala. Photo: Per Erik Jæger

Water leakage gave total transformation

PRACTICAL: Along one wall there is a shelf for storage. As an extra nice effect, an uplight led striped Linearlight Flex from Osram is placed at the bottom of the wall. Photo: Per Erik Jæger


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