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Water boiler or induction, what do you think is boiling the water fastest?

Induction stop heats the water as effectively as a kettle.

Water boiler or induction, what do you think is boiling the water fastest?

The induction pope’s entry into the kitchen has made everyday life easier, and also faster. It’s so effective that you do not have to cover the boiler when you want to boil water to the sausages. The difference with or without the end is small.

But what if you have a kettle, or consider buying such a way to make the water boil even more effective?

Forget it because, according to our test, it’s very small to get a kettle as well if you already have induction stops in the kitchen.

They boiled the water almost equally efficiently.

How we did

We borrowed a kettle of branded Sandstrøm at Elkjøp at Stor in Oslo, took it home and placed it on the kitchen counter. At the same time, we found our good water boilers and placed it on the largest cooking zone at the induction peak. Kjelen filled the son completely. There was an induction stop of the brand Electrolux EHD60020P.

We then filled one kilo of water into the boiler and in the boiler, then we burned them up and measured the time for how long it took for the water to boil. We also measured the temperature of the water before boiling and the moment it boiled.

Based on the stated power for the boiler and induction stop, we calculated the theoretical cooking time according to the following function ((m * dT * 4,18 kWs / kg * K) / E). m is the amount of water. dT is temperature increase. 4.18 is the number of specific heat capacity for water. And E is given effect. Constant K stands for Kelvin, which corresponds to 1 ° C.

We did two cooking attempts with induction peaks, one with two kilos of water in the kettle. We did this because we had indications that if the probe that measured the temperature came too close to the bottom of the boiler there was a risk of error display.

Finally, we calculated the efficiency, such as theoretical cooking time divided by actual cooking time.

And this was the result

Water cooker

Induction Stop

1. Water quantity (kg)




2. Power supplied (kW)




3. Water temperature start (0C)




4. Water temperature end (0C)




5. Estimated energy consumption (kWs)




6. Estimated time spent (s)




7. Actual time spent (s)




Efficiency (6/7)




As the table shows, it may indicate that the kettle has a slightly better efficiency. The average difference between the efficiency of the water boiler and the induction stop is 0.05, which is a deviation of 6.5 percent. But we do not perceive it as significant, all the while it’s only talk of seconds in difference.

Green Everyday has done a similar test and here the difference between induction and kettle was also marginal (the measured consumption of kWh). In addition, their test showed that the traditional electric cooking plate made it far worse.

Water boiler or induction, what do you think is boiling the water fastest?

Here are the cookers you can hardly afford

– The conclusion has to be that there’s hardly anything to save on using a kettle if you have an induction stop, Håkon Lindahl answers in an email to a click. no. He wrote the article in Green Everyday, but is now a counselor for the future in our hands.

– But if you have a regular electric cooktop, possibly gas, the kettle is still a good option, he expands.

– Buying kettle to save time

Statistics from the Industry Organization (NEL) show that an annual purchase of 115,000 kettles per year.

Water boiler or induction, what do you think is boiling the water fastest?

INDUCTION vs. WATER COOKER: It is equally effective to boil water in a traditional water boiler like in a kettle if you have an induction stop. Photo: Alexander Berg jr.

According to Nordic Purchasing Manager at Elkjøp, Christin Sehlmann, boilers are purchased primarily because consumers consider it a simple and quick way to boil water.

Water boiler or induction, what do you think is boiling the water fastest?

The tabs you make at the tabletop

– And then it is also felt as easy to pour from, highlighting clicks. no.

Our test shows that there are small differences between both time and efficiency in terms of kettle and induction stop.

Since the effect on both the water boiler and induction stop was identical in our test and the time difference minimal, the time aspect will only be of significance if a boiler has a greater effect than the induction peak.

What is an additional moment for the kettle and mentioned in the comment field is that the power is cut automatically when the water boils. This makes it safer in use with regard to dry cooking.

Another aspect that is also mentioned in the comments box is the ability to set the kettle at a certain temperature, if needed.

History of the water kettle

According to Conservator Dag Andreassen at the Technical Museum, technology and principles were already known in the late 1800s.

– Then kettles were put into use as people advised to buy electrical appliances, he said to clicks. no, adding that kettles seem to have had their first glory in the 1950s and 60s.

Then they were almost out of the market for a long time before returning to the 1990’s in a variety of designs and designs.

Water boiler or induction, what do you think is boiling the water fastest?

The worst cooking cups in the kitchen

The first kettles were, according to Andreassen, so-called kettles, which were heaters that were immersed in the water.

– The use of electric heating element directly in a cookware was widespread as early or earlier than electric hotplates because it was considered a more efficient utilization of electricity. They were also cheaper, but in return, the use was limited to water boiling, he explains.

– Although my mother tells her that she used her kettle on the bed in Oslo in the 1950s to also cook eggs and bacon in. There was certainly an accessory that was a plate that could be placed in the cooker in contact with the heating element.

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