Watch out for Fantastic Norway

The architects in Fantastic Noway have been noted with camping and excitement for the distinctive.

Watch out for Fantastic Norway

Watch out for Fantastic Norway

NATURVENNLIG: Cabin on Vardehaugen in Fosen. The cottage is carefully placed in the terrain o gut shaped in relation to the local landscape, the views and the local climatic conditions. Several sheltered patios make it possible to be outdoors despite changing wind directions. Photo: Fantastic Norway

Fantastic Norway got a lot of attention when they brought a red caravan to the Venice architecture building and made its stand around it.

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The architectural office in Oslo, used the caravan to create what they call architectural excitement. Something that was also the background for the choice of name.

Our office started working with cities in conversion, and we needed a clear and positive name. In an increasingly globalized and standardized world, it is important to keep the focus on the amazing and distinctive, explains one of the partners at the office, Håkon Matre Aasarød.

Hunting dogs

In addition to wishing to contribute to the peculiarity, Fantastic Norway is also a very unique way to see itself.

– We usually say so: Architects are dogs, and there are two types: those who pick up the stick that the owner throws and hunting dogs; those who run around the heather and chase up birds. We want to be hunting dogs, “says Matre Aasarød.

Maybe it was the reason that they were the only Norwegian architectural office invited to this year’s edition of the world-renowned architecture biennial in Venice. There they served waffles from their red caravan, as they also had in Brønnøysund, where they said that the hole in Torghatten should be walled again.

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High House at Svartisen

One of Fantastic Norway’s projects is an assignment to draw an apartment complex on Svartisen, Norway’s second largest glacier. Here they have projected nine small, black houses.

– We work a lot in the tourism industry and are committed to making destinations as clear and distinctive. The small high-rise buildings are a good example of this, describes Aasarød.

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