Washed 10,000 bricks to build this house

First, they found the windows, like the height of the house, the 10,000 old bricks washed to the façade.

Washed 10,000 bricks to build this house

Washed 10,000 bricks to build this house

This is a bathtub

Washed 10,000 bricks to build this house

Mix of old and new

Washed 10,000 bricks to build this house

These are your own lamps

Washed 10,000 bricks to build this house

This woodshed is easy to build yourself

Thirteen years ago, cookbook writer Camilla Jensen and the man started a house project that would end up with washing and washing 10,000 old bricks.

They had bought a well-shielded plot of neighbors, and had decided to use only older and non-toxic materials.

The windows set the height

The windows first came first, they were found in a town hall on Skilillebekk.

The curved, high windows determined the ceiling height. Camilla and the man had to take out the windows themselves, flick and paint them.

– We liked the windows so well that we designed the house around them.

They received the bricks from the nail plant in Nydalen. They had to wash the clay on every single stone on every six pages before they could use them.

Washed 10,000 bricks to build this house

COMPLETED: The living room is cool and has spacious floor space. The floor is painted with high gloss paint. Furniture and lamps are found in flea markets. The picture on the wall is painted by Hilde Grønner Flikke. Photo: Espen Grønli

Kitchen important

– The kitchen is important, it’s one of my workplaces, I’m here and here I put the dishes that were included in the cookbook about beans and lentils, “says Camilla Jensen.

The stove is from the 50’s, but it was new when she found it in the flea market, and the pans were shiny white and unused.

However, it has now made its use, it has become a little slow on the heat and is on termination.

Built from the ground

Washed 10,000 bricks to build this house

MAIN ROOM: The kitchen is the heart of the house. On the solid workbench, Camilla Jensen makes dishes for the family and for cookbooks, at the moment she is headed for a breakfast book. The kitchen decor has the man sneaked, before it got into place, used the old wine glasses. The sink is from Ikea. Photo: Espen Grønli

Exterior is brick walls vitrified and inside is lime concrete. The doors and floorboards are from Flaskebekk on Nesodden.

Camilla’s Bean Book

The cookbook “Beans and Lentils” has the subtitle “A cookbook with Italian clowns and Indian moths” because one of the dishes is inspired by an Italian clown and one is an Indian inspired by the son.

The book is entirely devoted to varieties of beans, lentils and peas.

Here you will find out what you need to know about the use of legumes.

The recipes are her own or she is based on classic dishes she has received.

All recipes are the food the family uses often.

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The insulation in the walls is recycled paper and only linseed and silicate paint is used for floors and walls.

The house built from scratch with the help of snowmobiles and other friends.

The family of five moved in as soon as the floors were in place, and they slept in the living room for several years.

– We are still not completely finished, but it was good to have the bedrooms in place. We are not busy, but I’m looking forward to getting everything done, I’m starting to get a home, “Jensen describes..

They have been concerned with the environment during construction, while the aesthetics were important. Therefore things have become slow but surely.

Square Room

The kitchen has the Camilla character; a large, square and bright living room.

Washed 10,000 bricks to build this house

IDYLL: Ten thousand used bricks, it becomes a home-made house of such. The stairs are wooden pallets and an old toboggan run. Photo: Espen Grønli

– We wanted the rooms as square as possible. It makes them good to live in. Before my husband built the kitchen decor, we stacked boxes we got on the pole. Cabinets, shelves and crockery I have found in various flea markets. Almost all the things we own have come by chance.

Found kitchen utensils on Greek beach

The finest kitchen utensils found Camilla Jensen on the beach during a holiday in Greece.

– When I saw the stone, I immediately saw that there was a mortar that made for me.

Washed 10,000 bricks to build this house

HEATING: The big brick fireplace is darkened. The table is found in flea market, the same is the chairs around and everyone is different. The door on the right leads into the living room. Photo: Espen Grønli

Around the dining table there are different chairs that bear the touch of age and use. Some of the ten thousand bricks are used for a solid fireplace. A double door leads into the bright living room with a sofa covered with new features. The windows are free of textiles, where the light comes in.

One corner of the kitchen has become a work hook for the kids, and here’s also a legacy sofa.

Supplements from flea markets

When something breaks, Camilla Jensen takes a trip to the nearest flea market to find a replacement.

Recently she found a tableware in dice, different colors on display in a large worn kitchen cabinet with glass doors.

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Washed 10,000 bricks to build this house

NEW LIFE: In its previous life, the service cabinet was used to store tools. Oil and other spills have been thrown away and the gray-blue color came true. The glass replaces previous veneer plates. The children have their own work desk. Photo: Espen Grønli

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