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Warns against biopeis

Sintef scientist warns against biopeis. The supplier thinks it is a duty.

Warns against biopeis

Warns against biopeis

Peiskos damages the lungs

Biopeiser is the latest on the fireplace front, but can now prove to be dangerous, reported yesterday.

– The biopeists consume the oxygen and release the exhaust gas into the room. This can be problematic in small rooms and apartments, “said researcher Øyvin Brandt at Sintef NBL (Norway’s Fire Technology Laboratory) to yesterday.

He would not recommend to fall asleep in a room with a burning biopeis and believe it could be directly dangerous.

– Aeration is essential, Brandt says to

Biopenzenes fuel is bioethanol. In the interview with NRK’s ​​Focal Point Editor, Brandt also comments that at a time when the environmental focus is increasing, it is a duty to use high energy fuel to look at the flames.

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Critical Dane

The Danish Consumer Council has repeatedly commented critically on the ethanol peppers.

In 2007, several cases of burns were reported following contact with such fireplaces. There are also reports of headaches, nausea and chest pain after staying in rooms where biopeis is in use, NRK writes on its websites.

Biopeisen is not dangerous

Bjørn Johannessen in Biopeis has not read the case to NRK since Click contacts him, but will not be surprised at the case that has appeared.

For the claim that the biopeis extinguishes the oxygen in the room, he has this comment:

– We’ve heard such claims before but it’s just bullshit, he says to

He points out that the logs should not be placed in too small rooms.

– Large fireplaces are not to be used in, for example, bedrooms, says Johannessen. You should not have biopeis in a room that is less than 15 sqm.

When using a large fireplace, there should be an air in the room, but with that, Johannessen only feels the usual air vents in the house, either on the wall or in the slots that are found on the top of modern windows.

Johannessen can tell that they have had close collaboration with Sintef recently.

– We were contacted by them because they are working to standardize an approval mark in Norway. We are collaborators in the test and eventually there will be a brand for approved biopeis also in Norway, “says Johannessen.

He adds that all the ovens for Biopeis are approved by the Swedish Technical Research Institute of Sweden.

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