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The traditional mountain hut is strong among many. What would you buy if you could afford?

Vote for dream cabin

Large cabins with all the fascilities, and modern architectural cabins, have gained greater importance in the Norwegian cabins market.

Both trend researchers and industry professionals say that many seek cabins with comfort, near fascinations like alpine pastures and paved trails.

Still, we are nostalgic.

The self-built cabin with pine walls and simple fascilities is still the name of a people’s hut .

Are Berg, General Manager of Terra Real Estate Agency in Valdres, has previously said to that they sell completely wild with cabins in the price range 0.5-2.5 million.

“The most affordable cabins are like jerking,” says Are Berg.

What are your cabin dreams?

We have picked out three different cabins, all of which represent their own style.

Which is your favorite?

Join and vote in the poll below!

Vote for dream cabin

Self-catering: The traditional mountain hut. Photo: Colourbox

Vote for dream cabin

NYROMANTIKK: The large cabins in timber that have appeared in the last 15 years are often called “cabin palaces”. Photo: Inger Mette Meling

Vote for dream cabin

OWN STYLE: Architectural style cottage on Hardangervidda. Photo: Sveinung BrĂ¥then

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