– Visually striking and elegant

Architects have emphasized integrated solutions, large windows and hidden storage spaces.

- Visually striking and elegant

- Visually striking and elegant

CONTRASTER: The tight frame in the sink is in stark contrast to the rustic wood below the terrace. The built terrace is like an extension of the living room and the kitchen. Photo: Paul McAneary Architects Ltd

- Visually striking and elegant

This extension in Asker is perhaps Norway’s toughest

- Visually striking and elegant

– I’m still crazy when I see the house

- Visually striking and elegant

The habitation of the Sognefjord is celebrated in The New York Times

Unusual angles, large windows and modern solutions characterize the faceted house in Hammersmith, London. The special extension of glass and zinc stands out from the rest of the neighborhood, consisting of traditional Victorian and Edwardian houses.

New part on old house

When the owners wanted to set up an extension to their classic home, they contacted Paul McAneary Architects Ltd for help. Their wish was a modern and functional home. The garden should feel like an extension of the living room.

– The two story house was in a dilapidated condition and needed a refurbishment, explains architects Paul McAneary and Matthias Laumayer to bonytt. no.

Our task was to rebuild and extend the old house.

The architects solved this by tearing one part of the house, which had a lot of minor injuries and was weary.

– On the new section we have emphasized clean and defined lines, the architects say. It was also important for us to respect the original house, and we believe that this combination gives the home a unique and aesthetic expression. “The sculptural facade is visually striking and elegant at the same time,” the architects believe.

- Visually striking and elegant

TAKWINDU: The roof window enters well with light. Photo: Paul McAneary Architects Ltd

- Visually striking and elegant

SINK AND GLASS: The materials in glass and zinc differ from the other brick houses. Photo: Paul McAneary Architects Ltd

Inside and inside

- Visually striking and elegant

UTE / INNE: The owners wanted the garden to be an extension of the living room. The architects have solved that there is little distinction between inside and out. Photo: Paul McAneary Architects Ltd

Paul McAneary Architects restructured and expanded the existing space by designing a large and open floor plan.

– The entire design concept of the construction was based on a 30 degree angle, explains the architects. – This dispute creates a physical overlap between the inside and the outside, and between the garden and the kitchen. “So while standing by the sink you get a feeling of having the garden right behind you, they add.

The built-in has a zinc facade and a “floating” outdoor deck with beveled edge at an angle.

– The garden becomes an important part of the living space, as the customer desires, says the architects. – They also wanted a neat and practical house, and we therefore chose to design walls with an integrated storage system. The multifunctional system is simply built on economical Ikea hulls with high quality doors in high gloss.

Hidden Rooms

- Visually striking and elegant

AIR: The sliding glass doors open onto a spacious patio and patio. Photo: Paul McAneary Architects Ltd

- Visually striking and elegant

STORAGE: The living room was made with walls with integrated storage compartment from Ikea hull. The owners wanted a convenient and tidy home. Photo: Paul McAneary Architects Ltd

Since the customers wanted a neat home, the architects designed more hidden mood solutions in the new extension. They have, among other things, made a hidden closet at the end of the kitchen counter, to toaster, kettle and other kitchenware that the owners want to hide.

Similarly, we have hidden WC, more cabinets and other features in the home, “says the architects. – Technology and wiring has also been largely hidden, so that most functions have been integrated into the design, and the room can appear as calm and tidy as possible.

The light has also been an important point for the architects, and the large glass surfaces in the ceiling and in the fa├žade provide plenty of daylight. The white surfaces indoors give game and reflection so the light is spread throughout the entire extension.

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- Visually striking and elegant

LIGHT: The bright surfaces in the interior reflect the light throughout the enclosure. Photo: Paul McAneary Architects Ltd

- Visually striking and elegant

INTEGRATED TECHNOLOGY: The architects wanted to integrate the technology into the enclosure, and have therefore inserted the television in the wall. Photo: Paul McAneary Architects Ltd

- Visually striking and elegant

SKULL CREATURE: Arctic diseases have built cabinets in the kitchen to hide kitchen items and keep the room tidy. Photo: Paul McAneary Architects Ltd

Buildings in wall and plastic

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