Vinyl is better than tiles

The experts in Mycoteam have examined 300 bathrooms in the last 5 years. Each had too thin membrane.

Vinyl is better than tiles

The gorgeous bathrooms can be fun moisturizers

In Norway there is a requirement for new bathrooms that they have membranes in wet zones. Most new bathrooms are built with lubrication membrane, which should be at least 1 mm thick to meet the requirements of the wet room. If the membrane is too thin, water and steam can escape, and the result may be moisture damage in the wall and floor.

The company Mycoteam has investigated 300 bathrooms in the last 5 years, built by 25 different contractors. The result of the survey was disappointing: All bathrooms had membrane thickness between 0.15 and 0.4 mm.

– When a membrane is applied in one third of the thickness required, the result may be disastrous. The gorgeous bathrooms can be fun dampfalls, “says Kolbjørn Mohn Jenssen, General Manager of Mycoteam for House & Home.

Oddvar Stensrød in Gjensidige Forsikring is shocked by the results and believes it is far better to invest in increased use of vinyl on floors and walls than taking the opportunity to use lubricants.

– Vinyl is clearly a much better and safer solution than diaphragms and tiles. Most clamps and extinguishers are made for use with vinyl flooring – in Sweden, for example, vinyl is much more used than us, says Stensrød to

– The diaphragm must be at least 1 mm in order to have sufficient tension against the extinguisher when mounting the clamp. In addition, vinyl flooring gives full control over the moisture on the floor, as opposed to a floor with casting, heating cables and tiles on top of a membrane. It’s no use to spend 250,000 kroner on a beautiful wet room if the membrane does not stay tight, “Stensrød says.

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