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View does not help with the price

But it makes lockable back yard. Check what affects the price of your apartment.

View does not help with the price

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View does not help with the price

Housing prices are still falling

This increases the price

  • Status: 11,401 kr / sqm
  • Elevator: 594 kr / sqm
  • Transparent light: 799 kr / sqm
  • Close proximity to Oslomarka: 1352 kr / sqm
  • Offset by road or by road: 1030 kr / sqm
  • Good public offer: 844 kr / sqm
  • Fenced courtyard: 1195 kr / sqm

This lowers the price

  • Leil. Located in high block: -2306 kr / sqm
  • Near main street: -1778 kr / sqm
  • Missing balcony: -1441 kr / sqm
  • Bad sanitary standard: -1247 kr / sqm
  • Bad material standard: – 1094 kr / sqm
  • Leil. is in large quarters: -1505 kr / sqm
View does not help with the price

The dwelling becomes more worth

View does not help with the price

Small rise in housing prices

Why is 50 square feet on Frogner worth double of a similar apartment at Stovner? In the first place, the answer may seem obvious, but it goes closer to the case after the seams are far from obvious. Book quality and status are determined by a number of factors, and Building Research, which recently published the “Book Quality in City and Demanded Buildings Types” report, got more surprises when investigating why people prefer a dwelling rather than another.

The motive has been to understand what kind of coats is worth the highest and what factors contribute to the value of the coins, explains Thorbjørn Hansen at Sintef Byggforsk, one of the co-authors of the report.

The report confirms what people most know and many real estate agents use for all it’s worth – balcony, good green spaces and tranquil surroundings count positively for well-being and price.

It is more surprising that views are not particularly attractive, and that high floors or unprocessed green areas count directly negative for the price of the apartment.

The results for the inner and outer cities differ in several respects, but compared to a 50 sqm apartment in the inner city, the speech is clear: If you have a balcony you can plot 1600 kr per square meter. If you live near the main street, you can deduct approximately the equivalent amount. Swimming pool in the immediate vicinity gives you over 500 SEK extra per square when you sell and with lockable courtyards you can enjoy approx. 2500 kr / sqm.

Good public offer is worth 933 kr, and newly renovated farm 948 kr.

The survey has been based on a number of areas of Oslo, from the most central to the urban centers on the outskirts. Irrespective of area, the figures show that factors such as balcony, clearly defined green spaces, good public transport and low car traffic counts positively for the value of the property.

– The most surprising, and we understood, was why so-called residual landscapes – that is, the original landscape that is left in the building – has a negative impact on prices. Planned greenhouses near the settlement, on the other hand, have positive value.

The survey shows that people want clearly defined areas and that they want to know how the areas around the building are to be used. Diffuse stains are a negative factor, which draws down the price of the homes.

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