Utilized space of 2.4 meters maximum

The award-winning apartment with a rooftop bathtub and artistic facades is Antwerp’s coolest residence.

Utilized space of 2.4 meters maximum

Utilized space of 2.4 meters maximum

Here’s an 80 year old woman

Utilized space of 2.4 meters maximum

This house is 122 cm wide

Utilized space of 2.4 meters maximum

Rower boyfriend, look for

Utilized space of 2.4 meters maximum

Here is the world’s only world-famous villa

The sensational residence with colorful façade is located in an area in Antwerp, formerly the area of ​​prostitution.

The thought of the builders, architect couple Silvia Mertens and Peter Peerlings in Sculp (IT) was to give the building the right balance between luxury and functional solutions for everyday use.

The intention of the transparent architecture was to just send a check back to the time when women were exhibiting in the neighborhood.

Combines style and function

The house is 12 meters high, 2.4 meters wide and 5.5 meters deep.

Challenges with difficult land has this house in common with many other architectural projects. But it is possible to build the dream house on a narrow plot.

Utilized space of 2.4 meters maximum

A FIREFARGED HOUSE: Especially in the evening it is not very difficult to see what room each floor contains. Photo:

Because the site the architectural couple had at the disposal of two already existing townhouses, just 2.4m wide, it was in the cards that their only opportunity to get a complete home and a place for the architectural business was to build delicious and narrow height.

Stacked Floors

The house was built with a frame of steel. Then solid wood flooring was laid in, one floor at a time up to the top of the house. Roughly speaking, four approximately equal floors were stacked in height.

One floor per. function

First floor is earmarked work, second floor is kitchen and dining room, third “relax” and fourth is the place for bedrooms.

The roof is with the pool is unique to enjoy the view, the sky and the Antwerp skyline.

Protected for eyes

Unlike the other zones in the house, residents are completely protected for access when staying upstairs.

Windows turns into artwork

The windows in the house are also special. They have black steel frames and the windows are illuminated by colored light sources. As a result, the street facade and the whole house have an independent, artistic expression.

Max Out of Small Rooms

Utilized space of 2.4 meters maximum

FULL OPENING: The architectural office is on the first floor and the entire facade to the street can be knocked out. Photo:

– We would take advantage of the limited space we had at their disposal, telling the owners to bonytt. no.

The planned construction process of the plant very carefully, which in turn led to an unusual short construction period.

Fast Speed ​​

For example, the steel skeleton carrying the building was raised in three weeks. Then the spiral staircase and the rest of the technical installations for water and ventilation were installed.

Shrinked furniture

The fixed decor is also designed by the architects. It is downgraded in size to fit the limited floor space the building offers.

Open is trump card

– The big windows and openness on the floors were not just a necessity. It is the trump card itself in an architectural perspective, says the builders.

This is an infill project

– Such narrow, new houses sandwiched between two ancient are called infill projects in the architectural language. And the main challenge in such houses is to get enough daylight all the way into the home, says architect MNAL Guttormur Magnusson in Nano Arkitekter AS to

Glass at both ends

He states that this is usually done with a combination of tools. Among other things, large glass facades on both sides of the house, as well as the use of glass walls and ditto doors inside the house.

The midrights are the most demanding

– It is especially important to be aware that there are special rooms in the middle of the building that can be unlucky dark without direct impact of daylight, “said the expert..

Utilized space of 2.4 meters maximum

CLASSICAL SAMPLING: The coarse structures in the white walls feed the clean-up steel chairs of the skipper Harry Bertoia in an excellent way. Photo:

Competency acquired

He emphasizes that in countries such as Belgium and Holland there are centuries-old traditions and high expertise on such issues.

– Just think of all the very narrow houses along the canals of Amsterdam, concludes Guttormur Magnusson.

Free fantasy continues

Latest news from the creative architect Mertens / Peerling is a floating swimming pool. It is located in the middle of the port pool in Antwerp and is the first of its kind in Belgium. It will open July 1, 2012.

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Utilized space of 2.4 meters maximum

EFFECTIVE ZONE: The bathroom is also shaped as an open space. Photo:

Under the steel dome is the country’s coolest bath

You have never seen such a top floor

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Utilized space of 2.4 meters maximum

HEMMELSK: From the roof with the pool, the owners have panoramic views of the Antwerp skyline. Up here they are also largely sheltered for access. Photo:

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Utilized space of 2.4 meters maximum

Photo: silvia

Utilized space of 2.4 meters maximum

Photo: silvia


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